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French air charity receives virtual funding
Aviation Sans Frontières is to receive funding from the gaming community. Daher’s Kodiak 100 has been added to the Microsoft Flight Simulator and proceeds from app sales will be passed on to the humanitarian operator.
Kodiak flight sim app sales generate income for Aviation Sans Frontières.

Aviation Sans Frontières is to receive funding from the purchase of Daher Kodiak 100 ‘flights’ on the Microsoft Flight Simulator, based on the add-ons sold via various gaming sites. Daher will pass on the funding to Fondaher, the endowment fund initiated by the Daher family and supported by the company and its employees as part of its corporate social responsibility policy.

"Our thanks go to Daher and the company's Fondaher endowment fund in helping make this a reality,” says president Gérard Feldzer. “With the Kodiak 100 in our colours, it will be possible for a wide audience to experience humanitarian aviation while operating from challenging African locations, performing rough field landings, airlifting essential equipment and delivering medical personnel to remote sites.”

Created with Daher's involvement and incorporating the input of actual Kodiak pilots, the simulator programme comes in four different wheeled variants featuring 40 different liveries, authentic flight dynamics and high-quality systems modelling.

Other News
Daher deploys Kodiaks to deliver vital defibrillators
August 28, 2023
Using the Kodiak’s exceptional short takeoff and landing capabilities, defibrillator flights were performed to Cavanaugh Bay in northern Idaho, not far from Daher’s Kodiak production site at Sandpoint.
Daher hits 80 delivery milestone
August 4, 2023
Just a year after the TBM 960 was formally launched, Daher has delivered its 80th aircraft to a private owner.
NC Forest service receives first Kodiak 100 with five-blade prop
July 22, 2023
With its enormous load and off-airport capabilities, the Kodiak 100 will carry supplies for aerial tankers in wildfire operations. The NC Forest Service becomes the initial operator of this five-blade prop-equipped aircraft.