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Daher appoints Flying Smart to distribute TBM aircraft in UK
Daher has named Flying Smart, a company headquartered at London Biggin Hill airport, as the authorised TBM distributor for the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.
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Daher has named Flying Smart, a company headquartered at London Biggin Hill airport, as the authorised TBM distributor for the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. This agreement will be effective by the end of the year and includes a purchase order for two TBM 900s, with these latest versions of Daher’s turboprop family to be delivered in 2016.

The ceo and founder of Flying Smart is French businessman David Fabry, who will pursue business opportunities as the new TBM distributor in partnership with Flying Group, a European business aviation operator based in Antwerp, Belgium.

One of Flying Smart’s priorities will be to offer TBMs to the Flying Group, providing entry-level alternatives to larger business jets for its customers. Flying Smart will benefit from Flying Group’s expertise in support of clients across all aspects of aircraft ownership and travel needs.

Fabry has first-hand experience with the TBM, having successively owned three of the aircraft during the past 12 years. He operated them primarily for personal business use and private travel.

“We have a demo TBM 900 that we use for the purpose of showing the plane to prospective owners, and that is one side of our business,” Fabry says. “The other side is that we have access to a fleet of TBMs, whether they are 700, 850 or 900, and those are available for rental to pilots who wish to take that step. The third aspect of our business is working with Flying Group to help it attract more business in its own niche.

“We are not operating aircraft ourselves – we are just doing the sales. We don’t hold an AOC and the aircraft that we offer for rental are owned by their respective owners, not by us.”

With more than 2,500 hours logged while flying the TBM, and 40 transatlantic crossings, Fabry has an extensive knowledge of Daher’s turboprops. He is also the current chairman of TBMOPA Europe, the European division of the TBM Owners and Pilots Association.

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