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Daher customers to sit pretty in redesigned TBM cabins
Among the comfort-related enhancements to the cabins of 2020's TBM aircraft are headset stowage hooks incorporated on clothes hangers behind the rear seats, while pilots benefit from a tablet device holder.
Clothes hangers and cup holders have been incorporated into the seats of the TBM 910 and 940 for 2020.
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Daher has outlined the primary new features for the Model Year 2020 versions of its TBM 910 and TBM 940, which aim to further enhance the experience for passengers and pilots aboard the company's very fast turboprop aircraft.

The Model Year 2020 TBM 940 will be equipped with HomeSafe, an emergency autoland system that can guide the aircraft to a landing in the event of pilot incapacitation. Based on Garmin's Autoland system, and available as a part of the G3000 integrated flight deck, HomeSafe integrates weather, traffic and terrain information to select the optimum airport for landing, considering such conditions as fuel range, flight distance and runway length.

HomeSafe currently is under validation by Daher's avionics team and flight test department for application on the TBM 940 and will be available when certified by the airworthiness authorities.

Among the visible changes in the cabin are new high-quality leather and material finishes, along with elements for improved comfort. Included are a choice of six colour choices for seat coverings and side panels, more wood fittings along with three new floor carpet colours. The Enhanced Operational Package offers eight pre-selected harmonies identified by some of the favourite travel destinations for TBM owners, such as Atacama or Goose Bay. As an option, an extended palette is available with 40 more colours.

Among the comfort-related enhancements introduced in the cabins of Model Year 2020 TBM aircraft are headset stowage hooks incorporated on clothes hangers behind the rear seats, as well as additional rear seat cup holders. New amenities developed for the pilot are an additional side-mounted cupholder and a tablet device holder located on the side of the central console.

Model Year 2020 TBMs also can be outfitted with an optional quick-change storage unit: the extended large storage cabinet. When installed, it replaces the left-side intermediate seat to offer more space for carry-on items and is available with two USB slots and a 115 volt universal power plug.

For operability, both the TBM 910 and TBM 940 in 2020 benefit from the automated icing protection introduced last year as part of Daher's e-Copilot enhancements. The TBM 940 retains the most advanced level of automation with its G3000 integrated flight deck and autothrottle system.

“As we continue our efforts to introduce technological features that enhance operational safety for our pilot owners and operators, we also have widened the focus in our Model Year 2020 TBM 940 to address safety from the passenger point of view with HomeSafe,” comments Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher's aircraft division.

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