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Daher deploys Kodiaks to deliver vital defibrillators
Using the Kodiak’s exceptional short takeoff and landing capabilities, defibrillator flights were performed to Cavanaugh Bay in northern Idaho, not far from Daher’s Kodiak production site at Sandpoint.
Delivering the Daher-sponsored ZOLL 3 defibrillator to Cavanaugh Bay with the Kodiak 100 are David Schuck, Kodiak Aircraft senior advisor, and Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher Aircraft Division and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft, with Don McIntosh, District 1 director for the Idaho Aviation Association, and Sam Perez, organiser of the Backcountry Aviation Defibrillator Project.
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Backcountry airfields are valuable resources for everything from outdoor adventures to serving agencies and organisations that protect the environment, and Daher is continuing its support for such remote sites with deliveries of critical care defibrillators across the state of Idaho, using company-built Kodiak 100 aircraft.

In coordination with the Backcountry Aviation Defibrillator Project, Daher provided two Kodiak 100s, along with pilots, fuel and logistics assistance, to deploy the automated external defibrillators at four airstrips, with the Cavanaugh Bay unit being sponsored by Daher.

Using the Kodiak’s short take off and landing capabilities, the flights were performed to: Cavanaugh Bay in northern Idaho, not far from Daher’s Kodiak production site at Sandpoint; Big Creek and Johnson Creek in the state’s central portion; and to Smiley Creek in south-central Idaho.

“At Daher, our philosophy is ‘we support those who care for aviation,’ and the Backcountry Aviation Defibrillator Project flights are a continuation of this commitment,” explains senior vice president of Daher’s aircraft division and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft Nicolas Chabbert, who piloted one of the defibrillator delivery missions.

Chabbert says the flights are the perfect complement to Daher’s ongoing support of the Recreational Aviation Foundation, for which it recently utilised a Kodiak to airlift US Forest Service personnel and equipment into two isolated grass strips in the mountains of southeastern Idaho.

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June 11, 2024
TBMOPA's annual European convention brings together civilian and governmental operators of Daher's TBM aircraft family. 25 TBMs were flown into Biarritz-Pays Basque airport.
Waltz honoured by Daher for 960th ferry flight
April 26, 2024
For her 960th ferry flight, Margrit Waltz flew a TBM 960 from France to the owner in Florida. She was one of the first pilots to ferry a TBM across the Atlantic in 1991 and has since delivered more than 300.
Polish customer takes first Kodiak 100 Series III turboprop
April 22, 2024
Mariusz Saran wanted an aircraft he could fly himself, and that could manage the many grass strips in his native country. He chose the Kodiak 100 Series III so as to benefit from the advantages of buying new.