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Daher delivers latest TBM 910 and updates app
TBM has adopted a strategy of reducing pilot workload and supporting safe flight operations. To achieve this it has installed an automatic icing detection system that provides protection while informing TBM 910 pilots.
Daher introduces Me & My TBM V3 at AERO Friedrichshafen 2019.

A European customer has taken delivery of a 2019-build TBM 910 very fast turboprop, courtesy of authorised TBM distributor for Austria and Germany Rheinland Air Service.

“We are pleased that the latest TBM 910 version is meeting the expectations of European customers, who recognise our commitment to using intelligent functionality in further improving safety and operability,” says senior VP of the Daher airplane business unit Nicolas Chabbert. “These new standards redefine the ultimate private aircraft: user-friendly, safe and efficient for pilots and passengers.”

Aligned with Daher's TBM e-copilot strategy of reducing pilot workload and supporting safe flight operations, the TBM 910 has an automatic icing detection system that provides automated protection while keeping the pilot in the loop. If icing or ice accretion is detected by an externally-mounted sensor and if the pilot does not take action, the automatic icing detection system will activate deicing devices such as the airframe, windshield, propeller and the engine's particle separator. An amber crew alerting system message is displayed by the avionics, advising the pilot to clear the automatic activation and revert to the manual control mode.

As the entry-level member in Daher's TBM product line, the TBM 910's model year 2019 definition also includes G1000 NXi avionics suite features that are incorporated in the high-end G3000 advanced flight deck of the TBM 930 and TBM 940 aircraft versions.

In the TBM 910's cabin, Daher has incorporated ergonomic and style upgrades for 2019 that range from redesigned seats, additional thermal insulation for the cabin sidewalls and a new central shelf with side storage, to an additional 115V electrical outlet at the right rear seat panel and USB ports (bringing the total of USB ports to six for passengers and three for pilots).

The OEM has also revealed the latest upgrade to its Me & My TBM cloud-based application for owners and operators of TBM aircraft. With this third version of the app, feedback for users is provided during every phase of a TBM's flight, from key parameters of the engine and other systems to a full range of statistics accessible wherever the aircraft goes.

Enhancements include information updates on aircraft status (fuel, the addition of oil and its consumption, and battery voltage), flight reporting with an enhanced logbook that provides a detailed flight analysis from engine start to shut down, as well as the ability to share flight data with fellow pilots and others on social media. Also incorporated in the version 3.0 application is a new analysis of landing approaches, complete with a profile graph.

“This third version underscores our commitment to applying innovation and the latest technologies for continual improvements with the TBM ownership experience,” says Chabbert. “By evolving the app, we're enhancing the TBM flying experience and motivating pilots in the TBM community to further develop their piloting skills.”

To enhance the customer experience, primary information about a TBM owner's aircraft is displayed as a TBM identity card in the updated app's new My TBM details section.

Additionally, a new banner for CAMP computerised maintenance tracking is included on the app's home page, highlighting the remaining days or flight hours before the next scheduled maintenance operation/inspection. As another feature, the latest version includes a direct link to Daher's TBM Care support resource, as well as for the reporting of TBM aircraft on ground situations.

All new TBM 910s and TBM 930s delivered by Daher since January 2018, along with the upcoming TBM 940, are outfitted with the FAST flight data retrieval and transfer solution, and therefore are compatible with the Me & My TBM app.

For earlier production TBM aircraft, Daher is including the Bad Elf Wombat accessory in the TBM catalogue of options and upgrades.

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