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Business aviation in Connecticut

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Business aviation suppliers in Connecticut

Maintenance  3   •   Completions  1   •   Training  1

Bombardier tasks DART with aircraft recorder data downloading

Using DART will significantly reduce the time it takes Bombardier service centres and mobile response teams to provide data removed from the aircraft to the analyst or technical services team.

September 22, 2023   Full report

Tradewind is now in league with the top two per cent of US operators.

FAA gives the nod to Tradewind safety management system

The benefits of the FAA's approval of Tradewind's SMS are manifold, including increasing safety, realising cost savings and demonstrating to clients, aviation talent and other players in the aviation industry safe ops.

August 14, 2023   Full report

The G500 at Bozeman Yellowstone airport.

Clay Lacy expands its charter reach with nine additions

Nine charter fleet additions in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest and Southwestern US expand the company's large and ultra-long range jet reach, while expanded FBO facilities at Waterbury-Oxford should open this winter.

June 28, 2023   Full report

Cyr is a 1982 graduate of East Coast Aero Technical Institute in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Cyr to manage Guardian Jet clients in midwest

Tom Cyr began his business aviation career in the early 1980s, when he worked as an A&P technician for Kaman Aerospace. He later moved to Van Dusen Turbine Products and then to Pratt & Whitney, Canada.

June 23, 2023   Full report

The NGX was flown in by Tradewind pilots following interior finishing and paint at the Pilatus facility in Broomfield, Colorado.

NGX additions take Tradewind PC-12 fleet to 24

Tradewind’s growing fleet supports its expansion into the southeast US market, further growth in the northeast and Caribbean, and the upcoming launch of scheduled routes to Newport and Virgin Gorda.

June 2, 2023   Full report