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ARGUS International   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Thrive renews ARGUS Platinum Elite safety rating
June 14, 2024
For Thrive, operating safely isn't just something it does; it's the foundation upon which all operations are built. Achieving the ARGUS Platinum Elite safety rating showcases the hard work the team brings to the table.
LunaJets bolsters management and celebrates ARGUS certification
May 30, 2024
Guillaume Launay, Eriks Ziverts, Augustin Annecca, Raphael Heydemann and Pierre Guillet have moved into management positions at the Geneva brokerage, which has renewed its ARGUS certification once again.
Thrive upgrades to ARGUS Platinum status
May 23, 2024
Platinum operator status places Thrive Aviation in the upper five per cent of over 1,000 US-based charter operators.
April 26, 2024Flexjet achieves triple-crown of aviation safety awards
April 12, 2024SurJet passes Platinum distinction thanks to safety record
April 12, 2024Prime Jet joins ranks of ARGUS Platinum operators
March 29, 2024Dominion safety culture lands Platinum Elite
March 18, 2024Jet Aviation becomes ARGUS Platinum Elite operator
March 18, 2024ARGUS puts AvMan in TRAQPak FBO
March 14, 2024Desert Jet earns top safety distinctions
March 14, 2024ARGUS celebrates incoming operators
January 4, 2024Naples Aviation earns first North American FBO Base Ops certification
December 11, 2023Reynolds Jet maintains ARGUS Platinum rating
November 20, 2023Award winner Saudia Private offers service at Al Ula International
November 14, 2023Latitude 33 enhances safety and capacity ahead of winter
October 18, 2023ARGUS honours Sun Air Jets as Platinum Elite operator
October 9, 2023Phenix Jet receives Platinum rating from ARGUS
May 25, 2023ARGUS grants Jet Luxe certified broker status
May 2, 2023Jet Linx steps it up a gear with Wingman PRO
March 8, 2023Platinum rating floats the boat for Craft
February 20, 2023Equinox raises the bar by meeting ARGUS standard
February 1, 2023Embassair puts security and luxury into Opa-Locka opening
November 10, 2022Flapper earns first ARGUS broker certification in Southern Hemisphere
November 2, 2022Independent auditors recognise Clay Lacy safety
October 31, 2022Alerion receives ARGUS Platinum Elite rating
October 25, 2022Irish conference puts sustainability, tourism and ARGUS on the agenda
September 6, 2022ARGUS introduces Analytics for operators
August 19, 2022Thrive Aviation earns ARGUS Platinum safety rating
August 19, 2022Fresh COO sees CharterJets broker rating achieved
June 20, 2022Thorough examination sends Ventura platinum
June 14, 2022Medway earns air med transport and safety accreditations
May 24, 2022Elite Jets raises safety standards
May 23, 2022ARGUS introduces a Base Operations Audit
April 30, 2022Eichten joins ARGUS as SVP of consulting
February 4, 2022ARGUS introduces private operator assessments
January 18, 2022Pacific Coast Jet earns platinum rating
October 18, 2021ARGUS releases new safety rating as trio become Platinum Elite
October 11, 2021ARGUS gives customers a world of comparative data
October 1, 2021ARGUS launches SafetyLinQ tool for all pilots
September 17, 2021Eclipse sees client base expand as passengers look for safety
August 27, 2021ARGUS awards Trilogy its registered rating
August 9, 2021Priester takes action with plethora of safety stamps
July 19, 2021Monarch sitting pretty with ARGUS designation
July 11, 2021One of the busiest days on record recorded this July
July 4, 2021Data shows high utilisation amongst safety-conscious operators
May 31, 2021GrandView cruises into the top 30 for US activity
May 3, 2021ARGUS adds Maina to head up business development
April 25, 2021Diligent MSA receives esteemed ARGUS rating
April 19, 2021Flapper shows operational integrity through ARGUS rating
March 25, 2021Vaccine rollout may be giving flights a shot in the arm
December 28, 2020First cadet passes out of Jet Linx 225° programme
December 7, 2020ARGUS says Dumont has Platinum pedigree
November 22, 2020Flight training specialist McCready joins ARGUS
October 25, 2020Pentastar renews prized Platinum rating
September 5, 2020Modesto has bragging rights with ARGUS Gold
August 10, 2020Platinum-rated Elevate can rise no further
June 26, 2020ARGUS publishes white paper that reveals strong comeback
May 25, 2020Desert meets the mark for Wyvern and ARGUS Platinum
May 22, 2020ARGUS partners with AirNav for next gen intelligence
May 22, 2020Talon gets its claws into ARGUS and IS-BAO
May 1, 2020ARGUS Platinum rating means that Epps is tops
April 13, 2020ARGUS releases whitepaper assessing virus impact
April 4, 2020Citadel calls out Wyvern as protocol leader
February 29, 2020NovaJet ascends to IS-BAO Stage III
January 27, 2020Dumont earns ARGUS stripes with Gold rating
October 31, 2019ARGUS brings operator data into TRAQPak
October 15, 2019Three safety stamps for young Planet 9
October 7, 2019SGS acquires majority stake in ARGUS
September 15, 2019Albinati adds ARGUS to IS-BAO Stage II
September 2, 2019Execaire Montreal gains Stage III IS-BAO
August 3, 2019Destination 225° creates career path for future pilots
July 22, 2019ARGUS awards Platinum rating to Presidential
July 14, 2019Summit climbs up the safety standings
June 24, 2019ARGUS pledges utmost security for user data
June 11, 2019Wandell to lead the way for ARGUS Pros
April 8, 2019ARGUS broker certification awarded to Aviation Charter
March 12, 2019Heron celebrates gaining ARGUS Gold
February 18, 2019Vertis opens US office and gains ARGUS broker certification
February 5, 2019TRAQPak FBO celebrates two years with FlightBridge
December 17, 2018MHS pleased to pass Platinum
December 17, 2018Apronjet becomes first ARGUS broker in Turkey
December 11, 2018Aircraft sales reward programme adds ARGUS benefits
November 11, 2018New Flight Charters awarded ARGUS Registered Broker rating
November 3, 2018Sheltair Aviation Services signs with ARGUS
October 19, 2018AVMOSYS offers fully mobile flight scheduling app
October 4, 2018ARGUS International makes vp sales and marketing appointment
October 3, 2018Pentastar Aviation Charter renews industry registrations
January 10, 2018ARGUS adds best practice assessment for flight departments
October 12, 2017Premium Jet is first to go ARGUS Platinum in Switzerland
September 16, 2017AirX accepts Argus Platinum and IS-BAO approvals
May 5, 2017Challenger induction and ARGUS Gold Plus provide further boost for MHS
July 8, 2015BACA endorses ARGUS broker programme
June 12, 2015Bestfly achieves IS-BAO to set Angolan standard
November 7, 2013Argus gold rating gives Elite Jet stamp of approval for safety
November 13, 2012Rizon Jet's aviation safety rating is a Middle East first
December 7, 2006Florida Jet Service earns platinum rating
December 7, 2006Charterers add individual service stamp
August 16, 2006JetSelect achieves platinum ranking
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