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Wandell to lead the way for ARGUS Pros
Ed Wandell joined ARGUS in 2003, managing the safety officer support programme. He has overseen the charter evaluation and qualification programme, and will now use his expertise for the Pros division.
Incoming Argus Pros VP Ed Wandell.

ARGUS International has named Ed Wandell as the new VP of ARGUS Pros business aviation, a newly-created position within the organisation. He previously oversaw the charter evaluation and qualification (CHEQ) programme.

Wandell will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business aviation division for ARGUS Pros audits, including ARGUS rating audits and IS-BAO. Additionally, he will continue to oversee the commercial operator analysis programme, TripCHEQ, leading efforts to push the development of the CHEQ programme forward.

“Wandell brings to this position many years of experience in the business aviation industry,” says executive VP of ARGUS Pros Terry Webb. “He has been instrumental in developing CHEQ into a worldwide model for charter operator vetting and ratings as well as developing and implementing the world's first charter broker programme.”

Wandell started flying in 1990 and shortly after that purchased a Cessna 172 with his father. In 1993 he was hired by an on-demand charter operator and for the next ten years worked in operations and airport management. He then took his skills to ARGUS International in 2003, managing the safety officer support programme now known as PRISM. Currently, he is division commander with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

“This opportunity to grow with the company and build on what we have accomplished in the business aviation industry is amazing,” he enthuses. “Here at ARGUS we're looking to continue garnering trust and quality, ensuring our customers know they can count on the integrity of the services we provide.”

ARGUS International has also announced that Doug Schwartz has joined the firm as VP and been selected to lead the Operational Excellence Program (OEP), a new position within ARGUS. Schwartz recently retired from Conoco Phillips as general manager of global aviation services.

Schwartz will be responsible for all activities related to growing and developing ARGUS' OEP. Members of the programme include industry-leading corporate flight departments that have achieved their Stage III IS-BAO certification.

“Doug has an extensive background in corporate fight departments from leadership roles throughout his career,” says president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “His unique experience leading flight departments, coupled with his exuberant passion for aviation, is an invaluable asset to ARGUS. I'm confident he will lead us in a direction that will improve our operational knowledge, direction, and ability to raise industry standards.”

Schwartz adds: “To be around professionals who are driven by a passion for excellence is inspiring. “They are thought leaders. Their ideas and vision define the brand for business aviation and what the industry will look like in the future. OEP is all about bringing together people like that and providing a forum to network, share ideas, and learn from each other, which is really exciting.”

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