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Flapper earns first ARGUS broker certification in Southern Hemisphere
Having performed the on-site audit and met all of the necessary requirements, Flapper becomes the first South America-based company to earn ARGUS Certified Broker Rating.
Flapper CEO Paul Malicki, whose mobile app today counts 350,000 users in Latin America and Florida.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil-headquartered charter booking platform Flapper is now an ARGUS Certified charter broker. It's the first time that a charter company from the Southern Hemisphere has gained the prestigious safety rating, and demonstrates Flapper's credibility, adequate organisational processes and financial strength while conducting its business.

CEO Paul Malicki says: "From training our team members, to carefully selecting partner operators, to meticulously planning every flight, we are committed to the industry's best practices. As we are expanding our international footprint, we'd like to further benefit from access to ARGUS data, its impressive know-how and experienced team."

Last year, Flapper integrated with the API of the Brazilian civil aviation authority ANAC, allowing for daily verification of all Part 135-registered aircraft in Brazil. The company highlights that as many as three other civil aviation agencies in the region boast online tail number verification systems; Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Its next step would be to integrate with similar APIs to assure full Part 135 compliance of aircraft inventory in its systems.

As of today, there are 14 ARGUS Certified brokers around the world. The programme provides end consumers and aircraft operators with unbiased, factual and relevant data necessary to make informed and confident decisions every time they participate in a charter flight facilitated through a charter broker. Being an ARGUS Certified broker confirms that a charter broker is a legitimate business entity, understands and adheres to industry best practices and is committed to the utmost in safety and service-oriented charter operations. ARGUS is widely considered the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for registered charter brokers throughout the world.

ARGUS vice president Ed Wandall says: "Flapper not only has an impressive technology platform, but highly skilled and knowledgeable people throughout its organisation. It performs a high level of due diligence on all its flights and has forged valuable relationships with the civil aviation authorities in South America."

Flapper is also an active member of The Air Charter Association, NBAA and ABAG.

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