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ARGUS says Dumont has Platinum pedigree
An ARGUS audit of Dumont examined not just the safety policies it has implemented, it also validated methods of implementation and effectiveness. The operator is very proud to be recognised as a safe organisation.
Dumont Jet is named after the Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873-1932). In October 1906, Santos-Dumont piloted the first heavier than air machine in Europe, as verified by the Aero-Club de France.

Dumont Aviation Group, headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, has had its charter division Dumont Jets recognised as an ARGUS Platinum operator.

The ARGUS Platinum rating is well known in the industry as a standard of safety excellence. As ARGUS points out, “ARGUS rated operators are continually monitored for safety and training to ensure our operators are known as the best in the aviation industry.”

Dumont director of safety Ed Zimmerman adds: “Achieving the status of ARGUS Platinum reflects our ongoing commitment to safety at Dumont. This certification examined not just the safety policies we've implemented, but validated our methods of implementation and their effectiveness. We're proud to be recognised as one of the safest charter operators in the industry.”

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