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Fresh COO sees CharterJets broker rating achieved
Not only has CharterJets appointed a new chief operations officer, but it has achieved ARGUS Registered Charter Broker rating and is continuing the process towards ARGUS Certified.
Partner and COO Justin Collom.

Georgia-headquartered CharterJets has achieved the Registered Charter Broker rating from ARGUS International, highlighting the air charter provider's commitment to its clients and the integrity of its operations and processes. CharterJets is continuing the process to be ARGUS Certified very soon.

“It is an honour to have our commitment to client safety and satisfaction on display now with our ARGUS Registered rating,” says recently appointed partner and COO Justin Collom. “Within the last year we have experienced incredible growth due to the high level of personalised service we provide. It seems to only be getting exponential from here, thanks in part to our integrated live pricing tool paired with our streamlined booking process. We are excited to continue on with the certification process to become an ARGUS Certified Broker. From there we will continue to work toward becoming one of the highest safety rated charter brokers in the world.”

The Registered Charter Broker rating is awarded to companies that have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best practices for their flight operations. ARGUS Registered Charter Brokers voluntarily submit all operations documents for review and sign The Air Charter Association pledge, committing to maintain the highest professional standards in their day-to-day business activities.

“Achieving the Registered Charter Broker rating distinguishes CharterJets from others in the industry and displays its commitment to integrity within its operation,” says ARGUS CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “We are excited to work with another operation that pledges compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and customer-dictated preferences.”

As COO, Collom will lead and scale the company's global business operations, including sales, marketing, customer service and satisfaction and business development. He has extensive experience within the charter industry. While working with a large Fort Lauderdale-based charter brokerage, he provided an impressive level of sales support that enabled the company to increase charter bookings ten-fold. Prior to that, he was recruited to provide sales support to a private jet tech start-up. His success in this role helped the company achieve a $1.4 billion market valuation. Collom has worked in various leadership and executive roles since 2013.

“Justin's the ideal addition to CharterJets Inc. His leadership experience and aviation knowledge will be a tremendous asset as we continue to push for increased growth, scale our operations and execute our strategic plan,” says board member Ron Sewell. “He has a strong track record of growth and operational excellence, paired with an innate ability to develop highly-competitive, teams that produce consistent results. I am delighted to welcome him aboard.”

“I am incredibly honoured and excited,” adds Collom. “I look forward to continuing to build on CharterJets' fantastic reputation and successes and becoming an undeniable driving force in our marketplace. But what excites me the most the privilege and opportunity we have to make every single flight an unforgettable CharterJets experience. What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? That little bit extra. And that is where we thrive.”

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