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MD Helicopters   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
MD Helicopters sweetens the deal for the support network
March 12, 2023
MD will stop selling direct to most parties other than ASCs, PRs and select fleet customers in an effort to funnel more business through the authorised MD network.
Huntington Beach rotary upgrade programme gets under way
February 20, 2023
The Huntington Beach Police Department ordered three MD 530F helicopters to replace its ageing fleet of MD 520Ns. One has now arrived, while the other two are expected in March and April this year – one a month.
MD 530F adds capability to HeliService operations
January 5, 2023
The purchase of a new MD 530F supports the growth and modernisation of HeliService’s utility fleet. It will be delivered this year.
December 18, 2022Atlanta PD progresses fleet renewal with MD 530F acquisition
September 13, 2022New owners bring change to MD Helicopters leadership
July 18, 2022MD receives FAA approval for slimline cockpit
May 29, 2022HLH Aviation takes delivery of MD 530F conversion
April 5, 2022Asset purchase agreement shores up MDH
March 17, 2022Five recognised by MDHI for service excellence
March 17, 2022GPMS attains Foresight MX STC for the MD530
March 14, 2022MD Helicopters strengthens aftermarket support
March 14, 2022Houston Police turns to MDH for heli maintenance
November 15, 2021California law enforcement brings in MD 530F to tackle drugs
October 1, 2021Trinity renews its commitment to MD Helicopters
September 17, 2021Thoroughbred shows form with facility expansion
August 26, 2021Huntington Beach remains faithful to MD Helicopters
May 10, 2021MD Helicopters names Oceania as authorised rep
May 3, 2021Time for a senior shake-up at MD Helicopters
April 19, 2021MDHI expands funding options with National Bank of Arizona
September 5, 2020MD 530F gains 250lbs on takeoff weight
August 24, 2020CoxHealth MD 902 in rude health after service centre visit
August 13, 2020E-to-F conversion makes this Wilson MD 530 good as new
February 2, 2020Single engine advances on track from MD Helicopters
March 12, 2019TVA’s MD 530F will take charge of powerline inspection
November 15, 2018Virginia Beach police selects MD 530H
March 8, 2017Five MD902s arrive to assist Hungarian police
September 23, 2015Bushveld takes factory-new MD 500ER for conservation
September 10, 2014Me & my aircraft: Single engine helicopters – Single helis are adaptable and robust, with twin benefits at lower cost
June 9, 2014ME & MY AIRCRAFT–Twin helicopters: Twins can be costly, yet their capability in EMEA rarely disappoints
September 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: The MD 902 provides 'excellent platform' for European policing and air ambulance roles
June 5, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Great performer 'needs improvements including higher MTOW and a sliding door'
September 29, 2008Police welcome bespoke MD902
June 27, 2007GMP goes for 'more effective' new MD902
May 2, 2007Action Aviation builds client base for charter development
February 28, 2007Action Aviation promotes MD
November 30, 2006Action Aviation appointed MD Helicopter distributor
November 2, 2006Kent Air Ambulance ready for second helicopter
June 28, 2006MD902 becoming 'helicopter of choice' for police
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