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MD 530F adds capability to HeliService operations
The purchase of a new MD 530F supports the growth and modernisation of HeliService’s utility fleet. It will be delivered this year.
HeliService’s 530F will come equipped with a Recoil auxiliary tank, wire strike protection and a dual cargo hook.
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Apopka, Florida-based operator HeliService Powerline Solutions has signed a purchase agreement for an MD 530F helicopter with the manufacturer. HeliService currently operates six MDH aircraft, comprising MD 500D, MD 500E and MD 530F types, that support construction, maintenance, inspection and emergency response services in different sectors including utility, energy and construction.

“The purchase of a new MD 530F supports the growth and modernisation of our fleet, reducing risk, improving safety and increasing operational performance,” says president Ben Williams. “This allows our helicopters to stay airborne, completing mission-critical services our clients expect.”

The new MD 530F helicopter will be delivered this year. The five-blade, single RR250-C30 engine, four passenger, single pilot capable aircraft is specifically designed to deliver increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility and superior performance. Outfitted with an advanced glass cockpit design, the 530F supports maximum visibility for pilot and co-pilot. Using the latest display technology, the pilot maintains the ability to manage navigation, communication and aircraft systems.

HeliService’s 530F will also come equipped with specialised mission equipment that includes a Recoil auxiliary tank, wire strike protection and an Onboard Systems dual cargo hook.

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February 20, 2023
The Huntington Beach Police Department ordered three MD 530F helicopters to replace its ageing fleet of MD 520Ns. One has now arrived, while the other two are expected in March and April this year – one a month.
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