Tennessee Valley Authority now has three MD 530F helicopters to monitor power lines.

Tennessee Valley Authority now has three MD 530F helicopters to monitor power lines.

March 12, 2019

TVA’s MD 530F will take charge of powerline inspection
The Tennessee Valley Authority expects to reduce its direct operating costs by investing in a third MD 530F by MD Helicopters. The company's fleet monitors 16,000 miles of power lines that serve 10 million citizens.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has taken delivery of an MD 530F rotorcraft from MD Helicopters. The helicopter is the third of its kind to join TVA, and will be used to boost existing powerline utility, inspections and construction operations work throughout the operator's multi-state service area. The investment is expected to help reduce the agency’s overall annual operation and maintenance costs.

Dubbed a ‘utility workhorse’ and preferred platform for long-line operations around the globe, the MD 530F is said to feature some of the lowest direct operating costs in its class.

“Helicopters are an investment that help us to improve safety and overall operational efficiency with minimal impact to the environment,” says TVA general manager David Hill. “With more than 16,000 miles of transmission lines, helicopters help us to deliver low cost, cleaner energy with 99.9 per cent reliability to nearly 10 million people in the Tennessee Valley.”

MD Helicopters CEO Lyn Tilton adds: “We are proud to celebrate this newest MD 530F addition to our rotorcraft fleet. TVA is a valued, long-time operator of our iconic 500 series aircraft.”

TVA is the largest public power utility in the United States, and one of the largest producers of electricity in the country, covering most of Tennessee, portions of Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky and slices of Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

The MD 530F has an all-glass single engine cockpit as well as a Fargo 21 gallon auxiliary fuel tank, Onboard Systems Talon LC Keeperless 3,600 pound cargo hook and Colorado Helicopters side hook bracket, Cascade STC reduced cord leg fairing, Blue Sky Networks D1000A satcom aircraft tracker, high visibility main rotor blades and wire strike protection.

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