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Avfuel Corporation   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Avfuel furthers sustainability commitment with enhanced certification
May 28, 2024
Now a Tier 2 Green Aviation Business, Avfuel is fuelling aircraft with SAF and EBACE attendees with champagne.
Avfuel expands SAF supply to France
May 28, 2024
Embraer increases SAF adoption in Florida
May 24, 2024
Sheltair will handle and store weekly fuel deliveries of SAF that Embraer will primarily use to support flight demonstrations, deliveries and production flights in Melbourne.
Green Fuel Day to honour Sonoma's successes
April 11, 2024
Sourcing SAF from California, with one of the industry's highest blend ratios, Sonoma Jet Center contributes to a substantial reduction in net carbon emissions with a 19 metric tonne decrease per truckload of fuel.
March 18, 2024Monterey Fuel extends Avfuel partnership 
March 14, 2024Avfuel and Neste ink extension of SAF supply agreement
February 9, 2024Reading Aviation launches FBO services in Pennsylvania
January 14, 2024Sundance traffic earns rewards at OK3 Air
January 14, 2024Aero Centers' two Spokane FBOs join Avfuel network
January 14, 2024Beacon Air opens FBO at gateway to Billings
December 21, 2023Avfuel honours Monterey Fuel Company for sustainability leadership
November 20, 2023International Flight Center offers pre-leasing for Miami hangarage
November 17, 2023Big Island Jet Center sets opening for mid-December
November 14, 2023Avfuel brings Arizona airport into brand partnership
November 9, 2023Atlantic Aviation puts SAF option into Stockton
October 18, 2023OEMs fly on SAF as Avfuel builds availability and emissions management
October 6, 2023Heritage Aviation at Vermont joins Avfuel Network
September 19, 2023Castle & Cooke coordinates Hawaiian relief efforts
August 30, 2023Jet Center at Santa Fe opens terminal building
August 4, 2023Southend is the latest to sign up to Avfuel network
July 3, 2023Avfuel takes Ohio State under its wing
July 1, 2023Phase III of Lancaster airport upgrade is completed
May 23, 2023Avfuel makes fresh hires and delivers SAF to EBACE
April 24, 2023Bohlke launches carbon offset to mark Earth Day
April 24, 2023GateOne's Gillette location is its first in Wyoming
April 11, 2023Sheltair opens at Gwinnett County with Avfuel support
March 31, 2023SAF takes precedence for Little Rock's Falcons
February 16, 2023Boeing doubles SAF purchase for 2023
January 27, 2023Avfuel kicks off its golden jubilee
January 27, 2023Crownair joins the Avfuel branded network
January 20, 2023Fuel network attracts third jetCenters of Colorado location
January 16, 2023Sundance traffic earns rewards at OK3 Air
January 9, 2023Meridian Hayward joins Avfuel network
November 24, 2022SAF access increases across Colorado
October 24, 2022Avfuel looks ahead to 50th anniversary
October 21, 2022Avfuel's AvTrip will go digital for cash rewards
October 18, 2022Avfuel welcomes Redding Jet Center to branded network
October 17, 2022Avfuel and Sheltair cover SAF bases for NBAA-BACE
September 23, 2022Atlantic and Avfuel serve UN with SAF
September 5, 2022Commercialisation of FAA-approved unleaded avgas begins
August 24, 2022SAF at Hillsboro Aviation makes Oregon greener
August 16, 2022VerdeGo sets out stall for $12m Series A funding
July 21, 2022Neste and Avfuel accelerate industry net-zero goals
July 21, 2022Avfuel owner Craig Sincock receives top NATA honour
June 20, 2022Avfuel invests in Alder Fuels
May 25, 2022Avfuel adds NATA sustainability designation
May 23, 2022Avfuel helps aviators hedge against market volatility
May 5, 2022Monterey gains full-on SAF supply from Avfuel
April 30, 2022Sixth revv FBO joins Avfuel network
April 28, 2022Tips for topping up the tank, more sustainably
February 8, 2022Avfuel network helps operators fly green for the Big Game
January 29, 2022CAA selects Modesto Jet Center as Preferred FBO
January 18, 2022Ross Aviation offers SAF at Palm Springs
January 18, 2022Avsurance celebrates thirty good years
January 12, 2022Avfuel now supplying SAF through ACI Jet
January 12, 2022OK3 Air honours cancelled festival fuel rewards
December 21, 2021JSSI takes Traxxall under its wing
December 16, 2021Highest honour goes to Avfuel owner at aviation awards
November 18, 2021Spring City Aviation joins Avfuel FBO network
November 18, 2021Bell continues Relentless pursuit of SAF-fuelled flight
November 15, 2021Dallas Fort Worth lays down sustainability foundation
November 8, 2021Carver Aero adds FBOs to Avfuels branded network
November 1, 2021CTFS plans investment at New Braunfels
October 18, 2021Sheltair and Avfuel launch scholarship programme
October 13, 2021Avfuel launches carbon reduction initiatives
September 6, 2021Plattsburgh is the latest facility to carry Avflight brand
August 20, 2021Sheltair Melbourne to distribute Avfuel/Embraer SAF
August 17, 2021JSSI offers customers Avfuel offset programme
August 9, 2021Flexjet leads the way by using SAF at Monterey
August 2, 2021Flightways Columbus earns its Avfuel stripes
August 2, 2021Avfuel sides with GAMI to market unleaded avgas
July 27, 2021REA launches an FBO to make the county proud
July 11, 2021A million reasons to offer SAF at Burbank
June 4, 2021LNS opens facility with a week's worth of celebrations
May 29, 2021Avfuel and Textron ink deal for sustainable fuel
May 16, 2021Rise on the up with new FBO at North Texas Regional
May 10, 2021Truckee Tahoe makes SAF available to visiting aircraft
May 10, 2021LAATS flies the flag for Avfuel in Guatemala
April 19, 2021Telluride pioneers Avfuel SAF in Colorado
April 4, 2021Monterey leads the way with a truckload of SAF
April 4, 2021Million Air caters to fuel needs of every client
March 25, 2021Bell demonstrators and trainers to be fuelled with SAF
March 13, 2021Avfuel couriers SAF to Koury on Eastern seaboard
March 1, 2021Avfuel ups its game for online training webinars
February 7, 2021DFW becomes latest Avfuel location in Texas
January 28, 2021OK3 keeps Sundance festivities alive with AVTRIP rewards
January 15, 2021Neste and Avfuel ensure US SAF availability is set to rise
January 11, 2021Avfuel expands Latam presence by joining ALTA
December 27, 2020Five Rivers moves upstream with Avfuel
December 14, 2020Avfuel delivers sustainable produce to Boeing Field
December 14, 2020No rest in 2020 for sustainability-focused Avfuel
November 24, 2020Trinity's Denton FBO is Dallas and Fort Worth gateway
October 12, 2020Ross and Avfuel secure fuelling arrangement
October 12, 2020TAC Air at Buffalo partners with Avfuel
September 15, 2020Atlantic rides the wave of Avfuel SAF
September 12, 2020Family favourite FBO reveals renovation
September 5, 2020Eastern West Virginia partners with Avfuel
August 17, 2020ACI Jet receives bumper delivery of SAF
July 21, 2020Essential business ASI opens at Clark Regional
July 20, 2020Fly Louie Alliance adds versatile Avfuel card
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 26, 2020Gold and platinum customers have status preserved
April 20, 2020Avfuel focuses on PPE and offers free training
March 12, 2020Carlsbad Jet Center opens larger facility
March 12, 2020Avfuel looks to regenerate environment through offsetting
March 9, 2020Avsurance sees growth of environmental liability insurance
February 5, 2020ProJet joins Avfuel family in Washington
February 2, 2020Banyan welcomes Avfuel SAF
January 27, 2020OK3 on hand for Sundance travellers with AVTRIP scheme
December 13, 2019Premier improves FBO and maintenance at KELM
November 25, 2019Southend's Stobart joins Avfuel branded network
November 1, 2019Avfuel safeguards against contamination and absorbs CBL
October 22, 2019Avfuel sets the tone for SAF at Salina
October 12, 2019Avfuel again demonstrates viability and safety of SAF
September 9, 2019Jackson Hole has a glimpse of the future of fuel
August 31, 2019Avfuel to demonstrate viability of sustainable fuel
August 18, 2019Iowa FBO joins the Avfuel network
August 11, 2019Washington awash with Avfuel-branded FBOs
August 10, 2019Sky Trek rebrands as Modesto Jet Center
May 7, 2019Texas Gulf Coast joins the Avfuel fold
May 7, 2019Transatlantic operators can fuel sustainably for EBACE
April 2, 2019Bay Area gains Avfuel supply in Concord
March 26, 2019Textar to offer triple AVTRIP points at downtown Dallas
March 5, 2019Eagle Jet unifies services at Great Falls
February 5, 2019Avfuel brands Turks and Caicos FBO
January 29, 2019New owners push to complete Carlsbad terminal
December 17, 2018Naples FBO offers contract fuel rates
December 11, 2018Huron's FBO caps renovations with a new name
December 3, 2018Customer experience is priority for FBO newcomer Koury
November 15, 2018Tubreaux joins Avfuel network
June 12, 2018Avfuel adds European locations
September 1, 2016Woodgate aims to slash Jet A1 prices following tanker investment
March 12, 2012Eurojet opens operations centre with full service FBO and snooze room
July 1, 2010Special Focus – Reducing Fuel Costs: Planning ahead pays dividends for aircraft owners and operators on routine flights and in emergencies
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