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Avfuel Corporation   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Truckee Tahoe makes SAF available to visiting aircraft
May 10, 2021
Truckee Tahoe Airport District received its first delivery of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Avfuel on 28 April. Each truckload of 8,000 gallons of Avfuel's Neste MY SAF provides a 22 tonne carbon reduction.
LAATS flies the flag for Avfuel in Guatemala
May 10, 2021
Avfuel-branded LAATS FBO was the first operation in Guatemala to receive IS-BAH Stage I certification, and the first independent ground service provider in Latin America and the Caribbean to exceed ISAGO requirements.
Telluride pioneers Avfuel SAF in Colorado
April 19, 2021
Thanks to an Avfuel partnership, Telluride Regional can now consistently provide SAF for all jet and turbine aircraft that fly in to the airport in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainability goals.
April 4, 2021Monterey leads the way with a truckload of SAF
April 4, 2021Million Air caters to fuel needs of every client
March 25, 2021Bell demonstrators and trainers to be fuelled with SAF
March 13, 2021Avfuel couriers SAF to Koury on Eastern seaboard
March 1, 2021Avfuel ups its game for online training webinars
February 7, 2021DFW becomes latest Avfuel location in Texas
January 28, 2021OK3 keeps Sundance festivities alive with AVTRIP rewards
January 15, 2021Neste and Avfuel ensure US SAF availability is set to rise
January 11, 2021Avfuel expands Latam presence by joining ALTA
December 27, 2020Five Rivers moves upstream with Avfuel
December 14, 2020Avfuel delivers sustainable produce to Boeing Field
December 14, 2020No rest in 2020 for sustainability-focused Avfuel
November 24, 2020Trinity's Denton FBO is Dallas and Fort Worth gateway
October 12, 2020Ross and Avfuel secure fuelling arrangement
October 12, 2020TAC Air at Buffalo partners with Avfuel
September 15, 2020Atlantic rides the wave of Avfuel SAF
September 12, 2020Family favourite FBO reveals renovation
September 5, 2020Eastern West Virginia partners with Avfuel
August 17, 2020ACI Jet receives bumper delivery of SAF
July 21, 2020Essential business ASI opens at Clark Regional
July 20, 2020Fly Louie Alliance adds versatile Avfuel card
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 26, 2020Gold and platinum customers have status preserved
April 20, 2020Avfuel focuses on PPE and offers free training
March 12, 2020Carlsbad Jet Center opens larger facility
March 12, 2020Avfuel looks to regenerate environment through offsetting
March 9, 2020Avsurance sees growth of environmental liability insurance
February 5, 2020ProJet joins Avfuel family in Washington
February 2, 2020Banyan welcomes Avfuel SAF
January 27, 2020OK3 on hand for Sundance travellers with AVTRIP scheme
December 13, 2019Premier improves FBO and maintenance at KELM
November 25, 2019Southend's Stobart joins Avfuel branded network
November 1, 2019Avfuel safeguards against contamination and absorbs CBL
October 22, 2019Avfuel sets the tone for SAF at Salina
October 12, 2019Avfuel again demonstrates viability and safety of SAF
September 9, 2019Jackson Hole has a glimpse of the future of fuel
August 31, 2019Avfuel to demonstrate viability of sustainable fuel
August 18, 2019Iowa FBO joins the Avfuel network
August 11, 2019Washington awash with Avfuel-branded FBOs
August 10, 2019Sky Trek rebrands as Modesto Jet Center
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