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Avfuel and Sheltair cover SAF bases for NBAA-BACE
NBAA-BACE attendees had the option to fuel sustainably for the 2022 show at Sheltair Orlando following a delivery of 16,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel to the FBO.
Avfuel, Neste and Sheltair fuelled the spirit of NBAA-BACE with a concentration on and commitment to sustainable operations.

Avfuel Corporation partnered with US-based FBO chain Sheltair Aviation and Neste to ensure NBAA-BACE attendees had the option to fuel sustainably for the 2022 show.

Avfuel made two truckload deliveries of Neste MY SAF to Sheltair, its branded FBO at Orlando Executive airport in Florida. The deliveries provided a total of 16,000 gallons to the FBO for its customers to use for greener operations surrounding business aviation's largest convention of the year. With one of the highest average blend ratios available in business aviation to date (30/70 SAF to petroleum-based jet fuel), two truckloads of Neste MY SAF reduce carbon emissions by 38 metric tons across its lifecycle, the equivalent of the amount of carbon emissions created by consuming 88 barrels of oil.

“It's always exciting to welcome traffic back to NBAA-BACE in Orlando, but we're especially excited to be able to provide our customers with a sustainable option in SAF for the 2022 show,” says Sheltair Orlando general manager Eddie Dussault. “SAF is the best way to reduce carbon emissions; by partnering with Avfuel to provide this product to our customer base, we've fuelled the spirit of BACE with a concentration on and commitment to sustainable operations.”

Avfuel also coordinated with Sheltair and Embraer to provide one extra load of Neste MY SAF to the OEM via Sheltair's Melbourne Orlando International airport FBO. Furthermore, Avfuel provided one additional load to Textron Aviation at its Wichita, Kansas headquarters. The OEMs used the SAF for aircraft flying in for NBAA-BACE's static display. Each load was delivered the week of 3 October and was in addition to the consistent supply relationships Avfuel and Neste hold with these OEMs.

“The Avfuel team is proud to have the capability to provide four extra full loads of SAF surrounding NBAA-BACE,” says manager of alternative fuels Keith Sawyer. “Of course, this wouldn't be possible without Sheltair's coordination to help customers fly sustainably, Neste's dedication to SAF production and the OEMs' commitment to reducing emissions. Together, we were able to avoid adding 76 metric tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere over the fuel's lifecycle with the four loads; that's the amount of carbon created by charging nearly 9.25 million smartphones, which is really astounding when you put SAF's benefit into perspective.”

While much of the SAF supply is based on the US west coast, this is not the first time Avfuel and Sheltair have partnered to bring the sustainable option to operations fuelling along the east coast. In 2019, the two companies first partnered to bring SAF to operators headed oversees for EBACE; then in 2021 Avfuel, Sheltair and Embraer collaborated to ensure consistent supply of the fuel to the OEM's headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, with Sheltair's FBO receiving, storing and handling the fuel.

With sustainability top of its mind, Avfuel also committed to offsetting its 2021 carbon emissions from scope 1 and 2 activities (energy used on its campuses and by company vehicles), along with the carbon emissions created from the use of its owned transport trucks for fuel deliveries and corporate aircraft usage.

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