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Tamarack Aerospace   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Aerodynamic upgrades and maintenance support grow Ampaire stable
October 25, 2022
Ampaire will use Tamarack winglets on alternative energy variants of the 208 Caravan, Twin Otter and King Air aircraft, and will make AFI KLM E&M its preferred maintenance training development partner.
Tamarack completes first upgrade of Citation M2 Gen 2
September 19, 2022
The first installation of winglets on a Citation M2 Gen2 allows for improved take off limits in high altitude and high temperature conditions. It also improves stability and includes FAA and EASA certified safety parameters.
Tamarack joins Oxi-Zen for blockchain-backed offsetting
September 12, 2022
Tamarack has fitted a fleet of CitationJets with its emissions-reducing eco-Smartwing technology. The modification aligns with Oxi-Zen's blockchain carbon balancing technology.
June 20, 2022Tamarack evaluates first flight of modified King Air 350
May 10, 2022Winglets lift Tamarack to NAA flight success
February 8, 2022Angel Flight hero credits active winglets
January 29, 2022Tamarack adds ASG to authorised service centre network
November 16, 2021New members join the ranks of IADA
October 14, 2021Tamarack reveals aftermarket Performance SmartWing
August 31, 2021Tamarack emerges largely unscathed from Chapter 11
August 20, 2021Tamarack urges industry to take climate change seriously
August 16, 2021Tamarack takes a stand for sustainability with ICAO
July 23, 2021ACI Jet joins authorised network of Tamarack
July 11, 2021Tamarack teams with FAA for winglet proficiency course
June 21, 2021NAA grants speed record to Tamarack-equipped Citation
May 3, 2021Latest white paper sings the praises of winglet technology
April 11, 2021Tamarack books in Active Winglets in South Carolina
March 25, 2021Active Winglets given astronomical seal of approval
March 22, 2021Air Charter Scotland positions a CJ2 at Glasgow
February 1, 2021Tamarack triumphs in CitationJet winglet fly-off
January 25, 2021Tamarack welcomes CitationJet winglet showdown
December 7, 2020East Coast Transformation Center to boost Tamarack installations
November 2, 2020Sovereign benefits from CJ2 Active Winglets
October 3, 2020Expanding Tamarack adds space, staff and Oxford centre
July 20, 2020Tamarack builds on European presence with Oxford base
June 21, 2020Seven customers take up Tamarack installation offer
May 4, 2020Owners take advantage of Tamarack's installation offer
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 12, 2020Tamarack turns its talents to Montana masks
April 3, 2020Tamarack waives installation fee until end of June
March 22, 2020Tamarack back on track after picking up slack
February 17, 2020Former jet pilot makes 100th active winglet purchase
January 13, 2020Court approval given for ongoing Tamarack reorganisation
December 10, 2019Tamarack expands winglet support network
November 1, 2019Tamarack expects to emerge stronger from Chapter 11
August 11, 2019Courts approve financing for Tamarack
July 29, 2019Tamarack back on track with winglet installations
July 22, 2019Signature TechnicAir completes first active winglet installation
July 14, 2019Specified mods lift restrictions on Tamarack winglets
June 18, 2019Tamarack files chapter 11 as winglet upgrades continue
April 8, 2019Tamarack turns to Guernsey for Active Winglet installations
February 26, 2019Atlas Air Service completes first active winglets installation
January 15, 2019Tamarack winglets touch down in Brazil
October 13, 2018Citation active winglets are now available from Bromma
August 7, 2018Signature TechnicAir approved for Tamarack winglets
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