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Tamarack joins Oxi-Zen for blockchain-backed offsetting
Tamarack has fitted a fleet of CitationJets with its emissions-reducing eco-Smartwing technology. The modification aligns with Oxi-Zen's blockchain carbon balancing technology.
Oxi-Zen founder and CEO Christopher Mbanefo.
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Tamarack Aerospace Group and Switzerland-based Oxi-Zen Solutions have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to actively support each other’s sales and promotion for aviation services. The linchpin of the agreement includes using science-verified carbon sequestration to carbon-balance an aviation customer’s CO2 emissions, including from flight operations, and accurately track each balanced metric ton of carbon.

The Oxi-Zen process is simple, direct and transparent, and ensures complete data integrity using blockchain technology. Now, when they choose the Oxi-Zen Solution, all of Tamarack Aerospace’s customers’ products and services will be fully carbon-balanced. Tamarack Aerospace is going beyond traditional carbon credits/offsets by offering science-verified carbon sequestration capacity securely tracked through blockchain.

The Oxi-Zen programme is a blockchain-powered platform that will enable emitters and converters of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) to directly interact for carbon-balancing and transfer economic value. To carbon balance emissions on a one to one basis, an aircraft operator purchases carbon sequestration (absorption) capacity that equals its carbon footprint from a selected converter.

Furthermore operators, i.e. emitters, can select convertors based on preferred criteria. These can include geo-location, type of carbon sink and the convertor’s programme to protect and enhance the carbon sink environment, development of infrastructure in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tamarack is looking forward to offering its eco-Smartwing winglet upgrade installation as a fully carbon-balanced programme, complete with its unique digital data-set showing how, where and when each metric ton of carbon emission has been carbon-balanced.

Oxi-Zen founder and CEO Christopher Mbanefo says: “The collaboration between Tamarack and Oxi-Zen is an example of smart synergy between technology and sustainability. Tamarack’s breakthrough in emission reduction technology through its eco-Smartwing programme and Oxi-Zen’s science-based carbon balancing is a leading example on the required pathway to correct the planetary carbon-imbalance, which is the root cause of climate change.”

The new MOU will likely be most interesting to new Tamarack single-aisle customers as Tamarack is actively developing its technology for future customers who will upgrade their A320s or B737s, for example. Tamarack has modified a fleet of 160 Cessna CitationJets with its patented eco-Smartwing technology. The Tamarack wing extension and entire winglet load alleviation system reduces emissions by offering a dramatic increase in the range of flight and fuel efficiencies while enhancing sustainability, reducing noise pollution and providing other safety advantages like smoother flight and the ability to land and take off on shorter runways.

Tamarack founder and CEO Nick Guida says: “The aviation industry will not reach its goal of a net zero carbon neutrality without meaningful collaborations like the new harmony between Tamarack and Oxi-Zen. Congress and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) have been very supportive of Tamarack’s technology and capability of interacting with other sustainability solutions like biofuels, hydrogen and electric propulsion. Our new MOU with Oxi-Zen is another example of how all of aviation can work together for a cleaner planet.”

The client benefits of this collaboration far out-weigh the slightly increased cost for Tamarack modified aircraft that include Oxi-Zen’s blockchain solution. The exact price and financial benefits are dependent on the type of aircraft, its fuel usage, current fuel price and carbon price at the time of signing. Tamarack expects this new collaboration and its sustainable outcome to encourage more customers to purchase Tamarack’s technology.

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