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Tamarack evaluates first flight of modified King Air 350
In tests, Tamarack's Performance SmartWing active winglet system for the King Air 350 showed increased endurance and payload, improved high/hot take off capabilities, extended loiter time and more stable flight.
Performance SmartWing technology incorporates dual load alleviation control surfaces to ensure redundancy in complex, mission-critical scenarios.

US-based performance enhancement systems provider Tamarack Aerospace has completed the flight evaluation phase for its Performance SmartWing modified King Air 350. Comparative evaluations confirm the predictive benefits of increased endurance and payload, high/hot take off abilities, extended loiter time and safer, more stable flight offering significant benefits for both military and civilian aircraft.

In addition to added safety and sustainability benefits, the Performance SmartWing early comparative analysis confirms a five per cent improved fuel flow in loiter mission cruise, 10 per cent better climb gradients , and a 500 lb high/hot weight, altitude, temperature (WAT) improvement that provides almost two hours of added flight time endurance.

CEO and founder Nick Guida says: “The robust flight testing programme for the Tamarack Performance SmartWing King Air 350 focused on every aspect of safety and performance to ensure all modified aircraft will have been rigorously tested.” Differing from Tamarack's Active Winglet technology currently found on more than 160 Citation aircraft, Performance SmartWing technology incorporates key advantages meant to address the specific demands of the military and surveillance market as well. One such advantage is the dual load alleviation control surfaces engineered to ensure redundancy in complex, mission-critical scenarios.

The King Air 350 Tamarack Performance SmartWing joins the company's King Air 200 airframe, which has already been modified and is planned for certification following the King Air 350.

Sales director Eric Cunningham adds: “Tamarack is offering substantial savings for early investors in the King Air 350 Performance SmartWing. Savvy customers see this unique technology as an ROI purchase that pays for itself after a relatively short time. This pre-certification pricing is being offered on a limited basis for interested parties looking to secure early production supplemental type certificate orders.”

Certification for the King Air 350 is anticipated within the next 18 to 24 months.

The Tamarack Performance SmartWing on the King Air 350 marks the second turboprop airframe modification produced by Tamarack in addition to the nearly 160 Cessna CitationJets currently modified with Tamarack's Active Winglet technology. The Cessna fleet exhibits up to 33 per cent greater range with this sustainable aftermarket technology, plus various performance benefits also featured on the Performance SmartWing.

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