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Active Winglets given astronomical seal of approval
Former NASA man Byron K. Lichtenberg reveals that Tamarack Active Winglets can lead to a 33 per cent decrease in fuel burn in CitationJets, while large turbojet aircraft could save between 12 and 18 per cent.
Tamarack Active Winglets are earning their stripes.

Former NASA astronaut, commercial airline pilot and professor Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg has conducted a detailed evaluation of Tamarack's Active Winglet technology. Lichtenberg concludes: “Due to the synergies inherent in wingspan increase and winglets, plus an active load alleviation system, performance gains are notable. While the actual increases are dependent on the aircraft, mission and flight profile, field experience has shown up to a 33 per cent decrease in fuel burn in CitationJets. While the benefits for large turbojet aircraft will be in the 12 per cent to 18 per cent range, it is still considered significant.”

Tamarack CEO and founder Nicholas Guida adds: “After many news media outlets reported substantial benefits realised on more than 100 aircraft operating with Tamarack's Active Winglets, there were requests for an objective and reputable third-party aerospace expert to review the winglets' capabilities. We are very pleased that Dr. Lichtenberg affirms the unparalleled benefits of our revolutionary autonomous and instantly reactive to turbulence Active Winglet technology.”

Lichtenberg continues: “Tamarack's patented Active Winglets are the next generation winglets because they incorporate a dedicated load alleviation system that allows for not just a winglet, but an extension too, so aspect ratio is increased both geometrically and aerodynamically. This allows for a major aerodynamic efficiency increase on an existing fleet of aircraft without requiring major structural reinforcement and weight.”

Guida invented Active Winglets, and along with the Tamarack team, refined the first of its kind and the only Active Winglet technology enabling aircraft to use less fuel, fly further and increase safety margins with greater payloads and a more sustainable carbon footprint. Active Winglets are already installed on more than 100 jets.

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Western authorised as official Starlink dealer and installer
June 25, 2024
Western Aircraft currently offers Starlink for Gulfstream G650/G550/G450 and GV aircraft and Beechcraft King Air 200 and 300 series models. Additional Starlink STCs are currently in development.
Western Aircraft renews status as Dassault Falcon Jet ASC
March 18, 2024
With a team of factory-trained experts, Western provides services to a diverse clientele throughout the western US and Canada. It has renewed its Falcon Jet ASC for the 23rd year.
NTSB finds Tamarack Winglets not to blame in 2018 accident
March 14, 2024
The NTSB finds that Tamarack Winglets were not to blame in the 2018 Indiana fatal accident; an extremely unusual NTSB reconsideration and reversal applauded by Tamarack.