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Tamarack urges industry to take climate change seriously
Tamarack Aerospace Group has been added to ICAO's leading Sustainability Coalition and is expected to continue informing the aviation industry about ongoing Active Winglet technology, led by Jacob Klinginsmith.

Jacob Klinginsmith, president of Tamarack Aerospace Group, has warned that aviation will not reach world sustainability goals without immediate industry cooperation at the ICAO Pre-Stocktaking Sustainability Webinar, which took place last week. Aviation representatives at the stocktaking event agreed with Klinginsmith and discussed current and upcoming technologies to aid in reducing fossil fuel usage and noise pollution. Klinginsmith and Tamarack were one of a select group chosen by ICAO to represent new technology designed to reduce aviation's impact on the current climate crises. He also stood before the webinar's participants, made up of worldwide aviation leaders, to discuss the dramatic sustainability supporting capabilities of Tamarack's Active Winglet technology.

Tamarack has just been added to ICAO's leading Sustainability Coalition and is expected to continue informing the aviation industry about ongoing Active Winglet technology. Much of the basis for Klinginsmith's remarks can be seen as part of Tamarack's comments to the US Congress and in Tamarack's sustainability white paper.

“It is so important that we work together as a national and international industry, aggressively using any and all available current technologies to address the climate crises,” states Klinginsmith. “We cannot afford, as an industry and a planet, to wait any longer to begin development and actual large-scale implementation of carbon emission reduction.”

Klinginsmith discussed the implementation of Active Winglet technology in the international fleet with sustainability benefits, including significant aircraft fuel usage reduction almost 10 times the benefit realised by other traditional winglet technology available today. This approach to carbon emission reduction includes participation from all sectors of the aviation industry with a synthesis of solutions like SAF, including hydrogen and biofuels, combined with electric propulsion and other technologies.

“Retrofitting Active Winglets is a good way to break the ice of real-life carbon emission reduction to ultimately reach carbon neutrality, and when combined with other sustainability supporting options, we can synthesise and strengthen our approach to sustainability to obtain actual large-scale results,” Klinginsmith adds.

The Pre-Stocktaking Sustainability Webinar was a prelude to the main ICAO Stocktaking Seminar beginning on 31 August, which will also feature current and future carbon emission reduction solutions in the aviation industry. Klinginsmith's presentation is available to stream online through the ICAO website.

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