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SmartWing-equipped King Air 350 claims NAA and FAI records
The NAA and FAI records have captured the attention of potential business and commercial aircraft customers, as well as the US military, who are considering winglet upgrades for several aircraft.
Tamarack founder and CEO, and co-pilot on the record-breaking flights, Nick Guida with the NAA and FAI certificates.

Tamarack Aerospace has been awarded records by the National Aeronautic Association and European Federation Aeronautique International for two remarkable flights in its upgraded King Air 350 aircraft.

The King Air 350 was upgraded with Tamarack’s SmartWing technology that extends wing length, adds winglets and autonomous load alleviating surfaces that instantly react to turbulence. The technology has been proven to offer as much as 33 per cent range improvement on business jets and correspondingly increases fuel savings, while improving safety and smoothing turbulence.

The first record-breaking flight was 2,032.8nm non-stop from Spokane, Washington to Orlando, Florida on 15 October, 2022, taking only seven hours and 46 minutes. The second was accomplished west-bound one week later, from Orlando to Henderson, Nevada and with one stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite headwinds and icing, the 1,770.7nm flight was clocked at eight hours and eight minutes.

Tamarack founder and CEO Nick Guida co-piloted both trips and says the US military and potential customers for business and commercial aircraft have taken notice of Tamarack’s technology. He believes that interest will turn into more testing for certifications of new kinds of airframes and installations.

"There has been significant interest from the military following these record-setting demonstrations last year. You know, the defence community sees a lot of value in our increased range and loiter time for important missions. Our technology isn’t only for the smaller turboprops and jets, because large transport aircraft need those benefits too," he says. "We can’t release information about who we are working with now with the military, but we’re thrilled with the outcome of the results on the King Air because it showcased for the military the value SmartWing can bring to many platforms."

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