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Aerodynamic upgrades and maintenance support grow Ampaire stable
Ampaire will use Tamarack winglets on alternative energy variants of the 208 Caravan, Twin Otter and King Air aircraft, and will make AFI KLM E&M its preferred maintenance training development partner.
Ampaire and AFI KLM E&M will explore maintenance support on a worldwide basis, providing optimised maintenance costs compared to conventional turbines.

Ampaire has entered into an MoU with aftermarket winglet specialist Tamarack Aerospace Group to develop further aerodynamic upgrades for its family of hybrid electric aircraft. This includes exclusive access to Tamarack's Performance SmartWing winglets on all alternative energy variants of the 208 Caravan, Twin Otter and King Air aircraft.

Joint development work has already commenced, with analysis validating synergies between Tamarack's Performance SmartWing sustainability supporting load alleviation technology and Ampaire's hybrid electric propulsion technology. Tamarack's game-changing upgrade dramatically increases fuel efficiency and range, smooths flight and improves the ability to take off and land on shorter runways regardless of high/hot conditions and payload, and will offer customers the option of further enhancing performance and operating cost savings on Ampaire's hybrid electric Eco Caravan, Eco Otter and Eco King Air. Tamarack Performance SmartWing is also compatible with conventional versions of the 208, Twin Otter and King Air, as well as Cessna CitationJets.

“Tamarack's technology is a great match with Ampaire's hybrid propulsion system, as both work synergistically to upgrade the performance and economics of the proven aircraft operated by our customers,” says Ampaire CEO Kevin Noertker.

Tamarack CEO Nick Guida adds: “Tamarack's Performance SmartWing technology has demonstrated substantial aerodynamic improvements on multiple platforms including 160 upgraded CitationJets, and our goal aligns closely with Ampaire's to make every aircraft more efficient and sustainable.”

Ampaire has also signed an MoU that will bring the worldwide resources of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) to the introduction and global support of electrified aircraft. The MoU covers a broad range of mutual interests, from aircraft development, maintenance training and support, and data analytics.

Ampaire is in the process of certifying the nine seat, hybrid-electric Eco Caravan, with a service introduction planned for 2024. The company intends to expand its product line to larger hybrid-electric aircraft and eventually to fully electric aircraft as that technology becomes technically and economically feasible.

Under this MoU, the companies anticipate developing training for a worldwide network of ground engineers, installing supplemental type certificate (STC) upgrades and potential component pooling and operational data analysis to ensure optimal support. This groundwork can be extended to collaborate on support of a 19 passenger aircraft.

Noertker says: "Ampaire and AFI KLM E&M will work together to explore maintenance support for game-changing low-emissions aircraft on a worldwide basis. AFI KLM E&M's powerful global network and strong expertise will give operators everywhere high technical confidence in new propulsion systems. These systems will also provide optimised maintenance costs compared to conventional turbines."

The ambition is to make AFI KLM E&M the preferred partner on maintenance training development for electrical aircraft. It may include the use of modern solutions like augmented reality and virtual reality. The companies are also planning to collaborate on STC installations of Ampaire's hybrid-electric upgrades through the airline's global MRO network.

KLM Engineering & Maintenance EVP Ton Dortmans adds: "This MoU anticipates a future with expanded new ways of air transportation options hand-in-hand with lower emissions. We have chosen to collaborate with Ampaire because its approach is visionary and also extremely methodical and practical, which means these beneficial technologies can be already introduced in the very near future."

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