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News from Business Air News
Avfuel furthers sustainability commitment with enhanced certification
May 28, 2024
Now a Tier 2 Green Aviation Business, Avfuel is fuelling aircraft with SAF and EBACE attendees with champagne.
Reauthorisation strengthens and advances the FAA
May 20, 2024
NATA recertifies Textron-owned service centres as green
April 17, 2024
Singapore, Paris, Zurich and Indianapolis centres maintain Tier 1 status, phasing out single use plastics and with motion-sensor lighting, energy-efficient appliances and plumbing, and the Valencia centre achieves Tier 2.
Brendel moves up in NATA member services
April 16, 2024
As associate vice president, Alexandra Brendel will expand the association's influence and membership footprint by fostering new partnerships and exploring novel ways to better serve the community.
Organisations warn of budget harm to an essential American industry
March 18, 2024
March 12, 2024NATA strengthens aviation security advocacy and expertise
January 14, 2024Berry becomes NATA vice president of education and safety
January 2, 2024West Star COO joins NATA board of directors
December 28, 2023Go Rentals completes NATA Safety 1st training programme
December 28, 2023Kirk becomes NATA board vice chair
December 5, 2023NATA updates Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses
December 5, 2023GA stakeholders urge passage of long-term FAA reauthorisation bill
October 16, 2023NATA names recipients for Industry Excellence Awards
September 19, 2023NATA rebrand reinforces mission as business aviation advocate
September 19, 2023US associations await confirmation of Whitaker as FAA administrator
August 30, 2023Aviation groups question regulatory overhaul for flights vital to underserved communities
August 17, 2023Associations push for clear flight plan for AAM take off
July 3, 2023Coalition looks to clear up Part 380 regulations
June 27, 2023NATA adds five to the board
May 18, 2023Aviation associations publish SAF book and claim guidance
May 10, 2023Sun Air Jets re-certifies sustainability with NATA
March 28, 2023Industry veterans to advance NATA initiatives
March 24, 2023NATA picks out Textron to receive sustainability award
January 26, 2023Leadership pair take charge at AAM committee
January 23, 2023Aviation stakeholders submit comments to EPA’s proposed endangerment finding
January 16, 2023Book-and-Claim initiative can make Davos more sustainable
November 10, 2022Anderson named NATA as board vice chair
November 2, 2022Regulatory head moves to NATA advisory post
October 25, 2022US associations welcome passing of AAM Act into law
October 25, 2022NATA refreshes its sustainability standard for business aviation
October 20, 2022Four Atlantic FBOs are certified to NATA Tier 3 standard
September 19, 2022NATA offers unleaded avgas best practices
September 13, 2022Business aviation marks the passing of luminary Gil Wolin
September 8, 2022Signature Vail receives highest environmental certification
September 5, 2022Commercialisation of FAA-approved unleaded avgas begins
August 29, 2022NATA welcomes new leadership while recognising Obitts' service
August 18, 2022NBAA and NATA welcome SAF incentives in law
August 11, 2022US Senate is applauded for SAF tax credits bill
August 11, 2022NATA sustainability standard sets Jet Aviation at Tier 2
August 1, 20224Air introduces SAF delivery receipts
July 25, 2022NATA adds talent to safety team
July 21, 2022Avfuel owner Craig Sincock receives top NATA honour
July 21, 2022Captain Bill Bohlke receives NATA Distinguished Service Award
July 14, 2022NBAA and NATA make the case for aviation
June 23, 2022Familiar faces elected to NATA board
June 21, 2022Waguespack is recognised for service to NATA
June 20, 2022NATA releases Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection Guidance
June 20, 2022Ken Thompson joins NATA as maintenance senior advisor
May 30, 2022Textron service centres achieve NATA sustainability recognition
May 29, 2022NATA makes key leadership changes
May 25, 2022Avfuel adds NATA sustainability designation
May 17, 2022Industry groups urge Biden Administration to address SAF regulatory roadblocks
April 30, 2022Industry associations welcome House progress on key AAM bill
April 28, 2022Duncan attains NATA sustainability standard
April 24, 2022Five Ross locations are certified green by NATA
April 14, 2022NATA welcomes US President's support for SAF
April 7, 2022NATA adds safety programme visibility into flight planning
March 30, 2022Sun Air certified green at Van Nuys
March 28, 2022Canada's first NATA sustainability certificate goes to Fast Air
March 1, 2022Stakeholder groups commit to lead-free transition
February 15, 2022Aeroplex certified to NATA green standard
February 7, 2022EPA called on to expand SAF feedstocks
January 18, 2022Waguespack moves up the NATA ladder
January 12, 2022NATA welcomes SVP of safety and education
January 6, 2022Industry calls for additional 5G mitigations
January 1, 2022FAA to investigate Santa Clara safety issues
December 16, 2021Aviation groups call on FAA to mitigate California airport's ban on 100LL fuel
December 15, 2021Clay Lacy and Sun Air Jets certify green with NATA
November 9, 2021NBAA and NATA celebrate infrastructure legislation
November 5, 2021US Congress called on to increase funding for alternative fuels
November 5, 2021NATA launches voluntary aviation sustainability standard
November 1, 2021NATA proposed changes incorporated into latest NFPA 409
September 17, 2021GSA is formed to advance ground handling safety
September 17, 2021NATA welcomes President Biden's SAF initiative
August 31, 2021ACSF rolls out ASAP e-learning courses
August 20, 2021NATA is well represented in key industry bodies
July 26, 2021Golfe finds the fairway with NATA Safety 1st
July 4, 2021NATA tops up an already experienced board
June 24, 2021NATA supports Aviation Funding Stability Act of 2021
May 31, 2021Organisations line up to applaud Sustainable Skies Act
May 21, 2021Speakers revealed for 10th JETNET global summit
May 14, 2021CDC updates COVID pre-departure testing guidance
May 14, 2021NATA rewards members for serving customers and communities
May 10, 2021Air Elite locations meet NATA's Safety 1st standard
May 3, 2021Carbon neutrality is the goal for diligent NATA
April 25, 2021EU Summit lays out plans for sustainable fuels
April 25, 2021CoSAFA brings top industry players together to tackle CO2
April 4, 2021NATA teams with US DOT on virtual programmes
March 15, 2021Stimulus package welcomed by NBAA and NATA
March 1, 2021NATA unveils introduction to Safety Management Systems
February 22, 2021NATACS hails CDCCheck as ideal solution for operators
February 15, 2021NATA endorses Tecnam TravelCare for vaccine transport
February 15, 2021NATA implores administration to promote private flying
February 15, 2021NATA nears the 400 mark for Safety 1st certificates
February 7, 2021Associations beseech IRS to reform FET
January 23, 2021NATA and NBAA celebrate as excise exemptions come into force
January 23, 2021NATA praises DRS online tool introduced by FAA
January 18, 2021NATA works with CDC to enforce negative testing
January 6, 2021NATA's work helps secure COVID-19 stimulus package
December 28, 2020NATA secures exemption and builds on FAA relationship
December 28, 2020Industry leaders publish dry leasing guide
December 21, 2020Coalition says enough is enough for illegal charter
December 14, 2020Desert proves it is hot on hygiene with Safety 1st
December 14, 2020NATA leads the call for FCC to review 5G spectrum
November 22, 2020NATA reshuffles staff to prepare for next ten years
November 22, 2020Harrods meets the mark for NATA Safety 1st
November 9, 2020NATA works with iReportSource to manage safety
November 2, 2020CBAA is the latest to come onboard for SAF coalition
October 25, 2020NATA launches initiative to keep members in peak health
October 3, 2020NBAA books in a series of educational programmes
October 3, 2020NATA declares safety symposium a roaring success
September 26, 2020SAF summit underscores powerful potential of cleaner fuel
September 21, 2020Technology chance forces NATA to switch to SFTC
September 12, 2020NATA says DEFKit is a boon for preventing contamination
September 12, 2020Gateway implements NATA's cleaning standards
September 5, 2020Association's latest GA initiative hits the road
September 1, 2020Industry leaders to gather for sustainable fuel forum
August 24, 2020Latest NATA initiative targets Colorado airfields
August 24, 2020SAF coalition brings together business aviation heavyweights
August 17, 2020NATA forms airport and ambulance sub-committees
August 13, 2020NATA promotes CleanFlying and David Allen Certified
August 11, 2020NATA rolls out scheme to advance general aviation
July 31, 2020Tepool looks to make a splash on NATA committee
July 27, 2020Tip-top trio to help govern ACSF future
July 23, 2020Teterboro and Hayward fly flag for high hygiene
July 21, 2020NATA creates standalone Environment Committee
July 20, 2020Duncan up to scratch for NATA Safety 1st Clean
July 5, 2020NATA celebrates fifty certification sign-ups
June 30, 2020New directors come on board at NATA
June 15, 2020NBAA looks to put the brakes on Ligado 5G
June 15, 2020NATA cleaning standard puts Safety 1st
June 15, 2020Free checklist aims to reduce accidental foam discharge
June 15, 2020NATA fights the corner of US Part 135 operators
June 7, 2020NATA takes care of pilot life insurance
June 7, 2020FAA arranges exemption extension with NATA
May 22, 2020NBAA is not amused at Customs fee increases
May 18, 2020Bolen calls on Congress to build on CARES
May 4, 2020NATA and NBAA grateful for COVID provisions
May 1, 2020NATA and NBAA welcome Part 135 curriculum
April 28, 2020Congress gives hope to Americans through PPP approval
April 20, 2020NATA welcomes compensation announcement from Treasury
April 13, 2020NBAA requests continuity through pandemic exemptions
April 3, 2020NATA and NBAA seek CARES Act advice
March 30, 2020Part 135 ops can continue under adjusted FAA rules
March 28, 2020Stimulus bill is just the ticket for NBAA members
March 22, 2020NATA writes for relief to keep GA flying
March 20, 2020NATA pulls out all the stops to assist operators
March 19, 2020NBAA appeals to Congress on virus' effects on industry
March 12, 2020NATA and CrewID integrate Safety1st training
March 7, 2020NATA welcomes FAA guidance on shared flight expenses
February 29, 2020Helicopter industry mourns loss of Zuccaro
February 23, 2020GA contribution to US economy remains strong
February 17, 2020NATA makes key leadership changes
January 27, 2020Zurich airport leads on SAF refuelling for Davos
January 7, 2020NATA's Loss of License programme reaches sign-up milestone
January 3, 2020US congress promotes aviation fuel sustainability
January 3, 2020FAA provides fresh grey charter education
December 17, 2019GA safety roundtable attracts industry participation
November 25, 2019NATA bringing back charter summit in 2020
November 18, 2019NATA proposes changes to foam fire suppression systems
October 12, 2019NATA decals decrease fuelling risk
September 8, 2019NATA establishes air charter broker committee
August 18, 2019NATA website facilitates reporting of illegal charter
July 28, 2019Next generation training developed by NATA
June 29, 2019Changes to NATA leadership strike a balance
June 24, 2019Third time NATA winner leads in AMT training
June 18, 2019Associations band together to tackle contamination
May 19, 2019Industry excellence is recognised by NATA
April 30, 2019Banyan Air Services president to receive NATA award
March 19, 2019IS-BAH safety high for Georgia’s Lowe
February 15, 2019NATA names new board members
February 12, 2019CrewID integrates NATA Safety1st training programme
December 17, 2018NATA praises FAA efforts to combat illegal charter
November 15, 2018Sonoma recognised by NATA for going above and beyond
November 12, 2018Justice Department reviews FAA’s illegal charter case
November 3, 2018GA associations release recommended best business practices
October 4, 2018DOT broker rules increase consumer protections
October 9, 2014IS-BAH standards are a great enhancement, says ExecuJet
August 16, 2006Business jet owners 'may face $100,000 annual user fee bill'
March 1, 2006NATA donates to Katrina victims
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