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Canada's first NATA sustainability certificate goes to Fast Air
Fast Air has become NATA's first certified operator in Canada. This recognition builds upon its existing carbon-neutral flights and operations that utilise carbon offsets.
Fast Air is NATA's number one in Canada for aviation sustainability.

Fast Air Executive Aviation has become the first aviation operator in Canada to be certified to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses. NATA's new sustainability certification was developed by industry experts to encourage aviation businesses to focus on sustainable practices and develop cost-effective options to lower their carbon footprints.

“NATA is pleased to see our standard being utilised by all types of aviation businesses including Fast Air, which is setting an example for international aviation operators everywhere. We congratulate Fast Air on becoming NATA's first certified operator in Canada,” says managing director, industry and regulatory affairs Megan Eisenstein.

NATA certifies aviation companies that have taken concrete steps toward sustainability and that demonstrate plans to work for further reduction in GHGs (greenhouse gases) and carbon dioxide. The certification also recognises a commitment to increase the use of more environmentally friendly energy sources, reduce waste and encourage sustainability operation-wide.

Fast Air manager of business development Dan Rutherford adds: “This certification by NATA validates the hard work that Fast Air has been doing to become a sustainable aviation company. Our commitment builds upon our existing carbon-neutral flights and operations that utilise carbon offsets. We are extending our focus to support an improved future for our people, planet and profitability.”

For over 25 years, Fast Air has provided air charter services, aircraft management, aviation maintenance and an FBO, which is a member of the Air Elite Network, at Winnipeg Richardson International airport in Manitoba, Canada. Fast Air also has locations in Toronto, Ontario; Abbotsford, BC; and three remote sites in Northern Manitoba and Red Lake, Ontario.

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