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Latest NATA initiative targets Colorado airfields
Northern Colorado Regional, Vance Brand, Harriett Alexander Field and Meadow Lake airports create 1,879 jobs and disperse more than $143 million in annual revenue, figures that NATA is determined to protect.
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NATA's General Aviation Advancing America initiative has taken flight, landing at seven regional airports throughout Colorado. Senior VP Ryan Waguespack led focus groups with essential community and aviation stakeholders in Loveland, Longmont, Salida and Meadow Lake to discuss how rural airports serve as a runway for economic development, job recovery and emergency response.

The economic impact of regional airports throughout Colorado is significant. Combined, the four named airports (Northern Colorado Regional, Vance Brand, Harriett Alexander Field and Meadow Lake), along with their respective tenants, create 1,879 jobs and disperse more than $143 million in annual revenue to their local communities.

“The General Aviation Advancing America gatherings are designed to encourage open dialogue among a focused group of key participants on how general aviation stakeholders facilitate the success of the community. Additionally, this platform provides forums for collaborating on how we can best support and promote the significant, meaningful contributions the airport and its tenant businesses provide,” states Waguespack.

“I am pleased to witness the outpouring of support for NATA's initiative, General Aviation Advancing America, that we are receiving from members and communities throughout the country,” adds NATA president and CEO Timothy Obitts. “These essential businesses all have great stories and we are honoured to serve as their national voice in making sure they are heard.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent wildfires have further highlighted the importance of general aviation. We are fortunate to have a strong, diverse and resilient general aviation community in northern Colorado and the airport is home to many great businesses that support a wide variety of essential services and activities,” states Aaron M. Ehle, planning and business development specialist at the Northern Colorado Regional airport.

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