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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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NATA decals decrease fuelling risk
The response from NATA to recent diesel exhaust fluid contamination incidents is the distribution of decals to its members. These can be used to label storage and transfer equipment to avoid future emergencies.
Tim Obitts is overseeing distribution of diesel exhaust fluid advisory decals.

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is distributing free Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) decals to its members in response to recent DEF contamination incidents that have led to inflight emergencies. In the past three years, there have been three separate incidents leading to 15 turbine engine aircraft either being refuelled with DEF contaminated jet fuel or refuelled with equipment exposed to DEF contaminated jet fuel. These incidents have led to inflight emergencies, including both partial and complete engine failures; nine emergency landings; and at least one aircraft deadstick landing, narrowly avoiding a tragic outcome. These decals can be used to clearly label storage containers and transfer equipment specifically for DEF use to avoid future contamination emergencies.

“We take the risk of DEF contamination very seriously and are pleased to provide, in addition to the decals, free DEF contamination prevention training and a resource webpage with alerts, operational best practices and fact sheets. Further, NATA offers a cloud-based digital fuel quality control management system that replaces the pen and paper approach to fuel farm and refuelling equipment inspection and maintenance,” states managing director of safety and training Michael France.

“A core component of NATA's mission is to empower the industry to operate safely and we are pleased to increase awareness on these vital issues and provide these important resources,” adds chief operating officer Tim Obitts.

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