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Go Rentals completes NATA Safety 1st training programme
Go Rentals has become the first rental car company to implement a customised training programme under the NATA Safety 1st Training Center's new ground transportation safety standard.
Go Rentals is the first rental car company to implement NATA's automotive safety course.
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NATA Safety 1st, widely recognised for its aviation safety certifications, has developed a set of automotive courses, defining a new industry safety standard for ground transportation. Go Rentals has become the first rental car company to implement a customised safety training programme under the programme.

"NATA congratulates the Go Rentals team on implementing a customised Safety 1st Training Center certification programme. This milestone achievement highlights Go Rentals' commitment to the highest standards of safety as well as the Safety 1st Training Center's flexibility to meet the evolving needs of all businesses that operate at airports," says managing director of safety and training Steve Berry.

"We are thrilled to tailor our training to the unique needs of Go Rentals in serving its clientele. The missions of NATA and Go Rentals are complementary in fostering an enhanced level of safety and service for the entire industry," adds manager of safety and training Brandon Popovich.

The comprehensive certification process involves a rigorous training curriculum and thorough evaluation of the company's entire fleet, operational procedures and personnel. The programme provides foundational airport ramp safety and security training while enhancing the collaboration between Go Rental employees and ramp personnel. The customised training programme includes essential knowledge on airport movement operations, such as understanding traffic patterns, right of way rules and airport signs and markings.

"We're extremely excited that NATA has developed a new Safety 1st certification specifically for automotive companies. At Go Rentals we create a specialised, luxury experience that exceeds the needs of travellers, which means unparalleled quality, convenience and safety," says CEO Kaye Gitibin. "We understand safety is paramount in the aviation industry and believe the automotive industry should operate with the same values. Given our focus on serving the aviation industry and the unique needs of private jet travellers, these courses are a huge asset to our team and business."

"NATA Safety 1st is continuing the advancement of safety standards for ground transportation, and we're thrilled to be the first in our industry to achieve this new standard. Go Rentals delivers a unique and in-demand experience for travellers, which requires excellence in safety above all else. With this new certification, knowing Go Rentals is the only rental car company to have completed this programme, our clients and aviation partners will have extra reassurance that we deliver top-tier service across all areas of the business," adds CMO Noël Bahamón.

Go Rentals is an elite car rental service company, specialising in delivering luxury car rental services to business and leisure travellers with planeside private jet pickup services, an unrivalled fleet and high-touch, attentive service. Go Rentals has locations across the US and the Hawaiian Islands, and services over 100 airports and various fine hotels and resorts.

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