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News from Business Air News
Business jet activity is down but transatlantic flights are up
February 13, 2024
The year has got off to a relatively slow start, but transatlantic flights and US domestic fractional flights are seeing very strong activity, not forgetting business jet traffic generated by the Las Vegas Super Bowl.
Global flights put new year slightly behind a comparable 2023
January 16, 2024
US large jet market strong, Asia and Middle East weaker, Europe slumping
December 11, 2023
Once the holiday fluctuations are accounted for, November was a flat month for business jet activity says WingX, though fractional flying is still at record pace, particularly in the large cabin sector.
Strong US market lifts global activity ahead of last year
November 27, 2023
European jet use stalls as US stays solid
November 20, 2023
Economic stagnation and political turbulence has stalled business jet usage in Europe and the Middle East according to WingX, but the powerhouse US market is holding up, although lopsided towards large cabins.
June 19, 2023Annual traffic dips slightly, but up on 2019
June 16, 2023JetNet's acquisition of WingX broadens business jet intelligence
June 11, 2023Business jet activity dips slightly year on year
June 2, 2023Jet activity drops in challenging environment for charter
May 19, 2023Business jet traffic resurgent as summer approaches
May 8, 2023Overall market gains over 2019 are diminishing
April 16, 2023Early Easter subdues European charter trend
April 6, 2023Jet sectors down against 2022, but up on 2019
March 31, 2023Business jet activity approaches two month low
March 31, 2023March charter dips from previous year
March 3, 2023Data shows a downwards slide in US and Europe charter activity
February 27, 2023Super Bowl and earthquake catalyse increased activity
February 13, 2023February is seeing steeper declines on jet trends
February 6, 2023UK charter drops but overall activity holds
January 27, 2023European business jet charter heads back to 2019 levels
January 23, 2023Market buoyant but Davos traffic is relatively muted
December 8, 2022Business jet bounce is over in US and Europe
September 12, 2022WingX sees demand ease as autumn draws in
August 16, 2022Record breaking July can't prevent utilisation dip
July 4, 2022Strong if patchy flight recovery in South America and Caribbean
April 21, 2022US buoyant as Ukraine invasion damps European demand
March 14, 2022WingX expands into helicopter fleet tracking
January 11, 2022Business jets fly more sectors than ever before in 2021
January 9, 2022Omicron makes little dent in December demand
November 24, 2021Thanksgiving likely to usher in plenty of private flying
November 8, 2021Negative COP26 coverage doesn't slow down business jet demand
October 22, 2021Business jets continue to exceed pre-COVID activity levels
October 5, 2021Data reveals steady recovery for private aviation
September 6, 2021Europe logs a fast finish to August as US slows
September 3, 2021North American business aviation reaches record heights
August 26, 2021European charter is finally getting its act back together
July 19, 2021US charter surges as Europe begins to pull its socks up
July 5, 2021Euro host cities experiencing tournament charter spike
June 26, 2021European summer charter season is up and running
June 22, 2021Florida leads the way to business flight resurgence
June 15, 2021US reaches new heights thanks to fractional fliers
June 4, 2021Middle East is the standout performer in charter rebound
May 3, 2021Data indicates that Europe is finally pulling its socks up
April 25, 2021Charter flying in the US is back with a bang
April 19, 2021Promising signs in Europe as global market begins bounceback
April 11, 2021Europe lags behind as other regions match 2019 trends
April 7, 2021Charters start to rise as pandemic slowly retreats
March 27, 2021Global business jet activity begins to rebound
March 19, 2021US business jet activity hits a post-pandemic high
March 16, 2021European charter is outperforming the airlines
March 6, 2021North American private aviation is back in business
March 1, 2021‘Remarkable gap’ between scheduled and non-scheduled
February 22, 2021Florida sets the flying standard while Europe is way down
February 15, 2021Super Bowl registers fewer private touchdowns than usual
February 8, 2021Traffic is thriving in Florida but stalling in Europe
February 1, 2021Business aviation broadly suffers from January blues
January 25, 2021US makes inroads as Europe struggles to recover
January 15, 2021Leisure demand increases as clients lengthen holidays
January 11, 2021Business jet traffic receives a festive boost
December 21, 2020Leisure travel carries the bulk of lightweight charter market
December 14, 2020Virus resurgence has knock-on effect for private flights
December 7, 2020Business aviation traffic receives a Thanksgiving lift
November 29, 2020Jet demand weathers second lockdown ahead of Thanksgiving
November 22, 2020Work from home initiatives mean aircraft stay grounded
November 8, 2020Renewal of quarantines sees business aviation activity slide
November 2, 2020Traffic in US is improving while Europe deteriorates again
November 2, 2020Colibri and WingX chew the fat on business aviation recovery
October 25, 2020US makes modest flight hour gains as Europe slips back
October 20, 2020Florida is standout performer as charter looks to gain ground
October 12, 2020Flight demand in Europe could ‘wilt’ after summer
October 6, 2020Operators are well-positioned to pick up the slack
September 29, 2020Business aviation feels the pinch as holiday season closes
September 21, 2020Traffic data: Stunted September is still superior to summer
September 15, 2020US Labor Day proves a damp squib for private flights
September 12, 2020Stunted recovery in US business aviation could lead to consolidations
September 8, 2020August European traffic beats 2019, but US still lags
August 24, 2020Central and east Europe flight numbers are recovering
August 16, 2020WingX highlights limited recovery for leisure markets
August 10, 2020Europe's comeback strengthens as US traffic idles into August
August 4, 2020WingX data illustrates slight dip at back end of July
July 26, 2020Flight stats show a business aviation uptick in early July
July 20, 2020Pockets of resilience appear amid virus downturn
July 20, 2020Koe and co analyse the weekly traffic numbers
July 16, 2020WingX data indicates a glimmer of hope amid downturn
July 14, 2020Recovery in flight numbers continues worldwide
July 6, 2020Europe leads the recovery according to latest stats
June 30, 2020Some regions bounce back faster as lockdowns lift
June 17, 2020Figures show Europe bouncing back despite lag period
June 7, 2020Business aviation recovery is swifter than commercial
June 7, 2020Members of The ACA gain daily WingX data
June 2, 2020WingX crunches the numbers as industry seeks pandemic recovery
May 29, 2020Osprey teams with WingX to boost security
May 25, 2020WingX data demonstrates more resilience in May
May 12, 2020WingX keeps a keen eye on global movements
May 5, 2020WingX tracker highlights drastic fall in flights
April 13, 2020WingX tracks the European business aviation decline
April 4, 2020WingX crunches the numbers to measure viral impact
March 27, 2020Flights drastically down year-on-year, says WingX
February 17, 2020LunaJets' 2019 growth bucks industry trend
August 23, 2019ACS UK outperforms a declining market
July 22, 2019LunaJets notes the trends in European hot spots
May 30, 2019Flight figures are shaky but demand holds up
December 14, 2017Investments and hours: a forecast for 2018 and beyond
September 16, 2017Opinion: An update on the market from a UK perspective
June 7, 2017Germany still leads the way, as EMEA travellers favour charter
April 5, 2016Single engine IFR ops to be shot in the arm for the industry, says BBGA panel
November 5, 2015WingX reports slide in activity
September 10, 2014BGAD has a triumphant tenth outing to deliver a productive day for business
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