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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Osprey teams with WingX to boost security
Osprey:Open is a platform that provides a base level of security data and information for anywhere in the world. Osprey says that partnering with WingX will further improve this data.
Osprey CCO Bruce Norfolk.

Osprey Flight Solutions has entered into a new partnership with WingX, in order to strengthen the capabilities and datasets within Osprey:Open for business, cargo and commercial operators.

In addition to the current datasets within Osprey:Open, including live-time updates on COVID-19 and its impact on daily operations, the new datasets provided by intelligence from WingX will enable operators to see updates and view current trends for business, scheduled and cargo flight departures by country for anywhere in the world.

Bruce Norfolk, chief commercial officer at Osprey, says: “Osprey:Open launched in March this year, and the concept behind the platform was to enable a cross-industry improvement in risk management. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have continually developed :Open and added new updates and features in response to the global pandemic. We are delighted to announce the new partnership with WingX, and would like to express our thanks to the team for taking such an important role in enabling the platform to deliver further crucial data to the industry during this particularly challenging time."

Richard Koe, managing director at WingX, adds: “WingX is tracking the day to day evolution of global flight activity operated by business jets, cargo aircraft and scheduled services as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. Our purpose is to capture and analyse the market impact of changes in utilisation, and relate that to the local perspective of our customers across the aerospace supply chain through our portfolio of tailored interactive dashboards. Through our collaboration with Osprey, WingX will provide free access to all those wishing to keep track of the high level trends in flight activity in every country worldwide.”

Osprey:Open is an easy to access, user-friendly, individual-user based platform that provides a base level of security data and information for anywhere in the world. For the first time, comprehensive data on the types of incident or environment that have a daily impact on operations is instantaneously available, making Osprey:Open a capable platform for supporting security risk management in the aviation industry.

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