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Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Sikorsky looks to future family of VTOL systems
February 28, 2024
The OEM is building a hybrid-electric demonstrator that will test electrification and autonomy for next-gen products.
PHI recognised as exceptional S-92 operator
March 24, 2023
PHI began SAR operations in December 2017 in Broome, Western Australia, providing 24/7 SAR and aeromedical evacuation services. The team completed 19 missions in 2022, rescuing 146 people.
PHI in Louisiana named as authorised Sikorsky centre
March 17, 2023
PHI has international capabilities, providing expert support at the ready for operators when they need it. It has worked alongside Sikorsky for some time and is now authorised by the OEM to work on the S-92 and S-76C.
March 15, 2023Sikorsky develops greater than 500nm eVTOL prototype
October 17, 2022Third S-92 builds coast guard capability
August 1, 2022The world's S-92 fleet passes two million flight hours
March 10, 2022Sikorsky S-92 makes 1,500 mile flight on SAF
December 9, 2021FAA issues CoA for first type certified Black Hawk
September 29, 2021CHC becomes the first to fly the S-92 on SAF
February 22, 2021Sikorsky contracted once more to provide presidential fleet
December 7, 2020Locally-owned Caverton brings S-92 to Nigeria
July 13, 2020Sikorskys are well-oiled machines in South America
May 1, 2020Sikorsky devotee VIH debuts S-92A kit upgrade
February 25, 2020Second presidential contract goes to Sikorsky
February 4, 2020Sikorsky's S-92 gains twenty per cent more payload
February 2, 2020Sikorsky pays homage to California’s firefighting forces
February 2, 2020Erickson and Sikorsky tackle the future of fire fighting
February 2, 2020Sikorsky pays tribute to top SAR performers
December 16, 2019Sikorsky makes its mark in US for fire departments and museum
November 11, 2019NHS brings first offshore S-76s to Guyana
August 23, 2019Brazilian operators can now use S-92 for SAR
March 19, 2019Eagle has landed for Sikorsky in Canada
March 19, 2019North Sea operators to receive real-time data by app
March 12, 2019Everett adds east Africa’s primary S-92A
March 12, 2019CHC crew honoured for timely response to adrift boat
March 12, 2019Sikorsky upgrades the S-92 model lineup
February 5, 2019Three S-92s to provide oil and gas support off Mexican coast
February 2, 2019Sikorsky Australia moves FSL to Perth
October 30, 2018American Express can bank on Sikorsky after 8,000 hours
August 28, 2018Thai Sikorskys pass 10,000 hours in record time
August 7, 2018Sikorsky hails partnership with UK coastguard
March 12, 2018Sikorsky advances iFly suite
March 12, 2018Mould breaking in the helicopter industry
November 1, 2017Sikorsky launches customer experience 2.0
September 28, 2017Sikorsky celebrates a year of forward stocking at Stavanger
June 29, 2016Special delivery as hefty Antonov offloads two S-92s to Babcock
August 4, 2015Lockheed Martin agrees to acquire Sikorsky
July 7, 2015Bristow accepts delivery of seven S-92s for MCA contract
April 7, 2015Sikorsky and Saab launch North Sea S-92 support centre in Norway
March 11, 2015S-76D meets with EASA approval
February 12, 2015Titan Helicopter accepts African debutant S-76D
September 10, 2014First S-92 to fulfil UK SAR term arrives at Bristow
June 9, 2014ME & MY AIRCRAFT–Twin helicopters: Twins can be costly, yet their capability in EMEA rarely disappoints
May 7, 2014S-92 will ensure safety and speed for Irish Coast Guard
February 6, 2014Turkey builds on vip S-92 fleet
April 17, 2013Bond bases Norwegian S-92 at Aberdeen
March 11, 2013S-92 equipped with night vision goggles for UK SAR service
March 12, 2012Bond selects S-92 for its North Sea operations
March 12, 2012Air Engiadina places order for Sikorsky S-76D
July 7, 2011Héli-Union adds S-76Cs and plans EC175s for growth
May 5, 2011Capital woos Manchester business with Sikorsky
April 5, 2011Heliservice International's versatile S-76B is completed
August 4, 2010Saudi Arabia acquires 12 S-76Ds
December 10, 2009FAS strengthens helicopter fleet with S-76Ds and Bell 412EPs
November 10, 2009UK Royal family upgrades to S-76C++S-76C++
October 9, 2009Bristow acquires AW139 after successful offshore missions with the S92
September 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Variety proves to be the spice of life for rotary operators
May 6, 2009Bristow to use Norsk Helikopter acquisition to expand offshore business in Norway
May 6, 2009PremiAir dedicates AS355 and Sikorsky 76 to new shuttle
March 3, 2009Helicopter Focus: EC135 chosen for offshore wind farm maintenance role
April 3, 2008'Greek goddess combination' aims to be a force as SAR welcomes introduction of new technology
December 4, 2007U.K. royal family to use S-76C++ for engagements
July 25, 2007Engineering firm chooses S-76C++
March 28, 2007Further von Essen acquisitions may follow PremiAir purchase
February 28, 2007Haughey's S76++ makes welcome delayed debut
February 1, 2007Norrlandsflyg expands Sikorsky S-76C+ search and rescue capacity
February 1, 2007Trustair orders S-76C++ as it modernises fleet
September 29, 2006Four more helicopters on line for von Essen guests
June 2, 2006Sikorsky pact with Premier
May 2, 2006North Sea contracts boost CHC's rotary contingent
March 31, 2006Aero produces 100th Sikorsky S-76C
March 31, 2006Strike woes continue for Sikorsky
March 1, 2006Sikorsky reaches sales milestone
January 30, 2006Wiking celebrates thirtieth year of operations
December 1, 2005Heli-Charter moves fleet to London Ashford airport
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