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Sikorsky's S-92 gains twenty per cent more payload
Sikorsky is introducing an S-92A+ upgrade kit as well as a new production S-92B helicopter, and is now accepting position agreements from operators and customers.
The S-92A+ upgrade kit and newly-produced S-92B aircraft share a nearly identical configuration. Photo: Lockheed Martin.
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Sikorsky is accepting position agreements for upgrades to its S-92 helicopter, almost a year after it re-designated its S-92 line with fielded post-modification S-92A+ and new production S-92B helicopters. These will align customers for future orders and allow the marketspace to demonstrate its reciprocal commitment to the technological advances included in the S-92A+ and S-92B offerings.

“We are excited to offer these upgrades in response to market demands and to introduce technologies, enhanced reliability and improved economics,” says commercial systems and services vice president Audrey Brady. “The upgrades will help customers with operating cost reductions, deliver increased capability with 20 per cent more payload and a new engine option.”

The S-92A+ upgrade kit and newly-produced S-92B aircraft share a nearly identical configuration. The S-92B features 20 per cent enlarged cabin windows with plans for an offshore and search and rescue (SAR) common cabin configuration.

General Electric's CT7-8A6 engine, capable of producing more power in higher altitudes and hotter temperatures, will also be available as an option for both variants.

Fleet updates include the introduction of phase one MATRIX technology, bringing advanced computing power to the S-92, enabling the adoption of autonomous landing technology such as Rig Approach 2.0 and a new technology from Sikorsky Innovations, SuperSearch, which uses advanced algorithms to locate objects up to 30 per cent faster.

The S-92A+ upgrade kit includes weight reduction features and 27,700 lb Max Gross Weight with LifePlus to improve component retirement times. Additional priced options are also available.

The S-92A+ kit and new-production S-92B will feature the revolutionary Phase IV main gear box which has been validated to exceed CFR 29.927(c) requirements, as demonstrated by full-scale testing and witnessed by the FAA. All primary lubrication system oil was removed prior to operating the gearbox for the equivalent of over 500 nm in flight at 80 knots airspeed with no discernable anomalies during post-test examinations.

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