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PHI recognised as exceptional S-92 operator
PHI began SAR operations in December 2017 in Broome, Western Australia, providing 24/7 SAR and aeromedical evacuation services. The team completed 19 missions in 2022, rescuing 146 people.
PHI has rescued vessels as far as 350 nm from base.

Sikorsky has recognised PHI Aviation for its critical role in executing life-saving SAR missions and ensuring safety with its S-92 helicopters. Sikorsky delivered the first S-92 to PHI in 2004.

From harsh and unpredictable offshore conditions to remote and secluded landscapes, PHI is no stranger to challenging missions, and its SAR crews are more familiar than most, the company says.

In 2022, the PHI Aviation SAR team based in Western Australia performed a historical number of rescues for both offshore and inland emergencies. Utilising the S-92, the team completed a total of 19 missions, equalling more than 82 flight hours and the successful recovery of 146 persons, including 20 who were successfully hoisted to safety.

The exploits included several multi-casualty incidents resulting from boating accidents and major flooding events, along with numerous medical evacuations. The most notable of these rescue missions was a night-time rescue of a crew member from a vessel located some 350 nm offshore. The aircraft required refuelling on an offshore installation en route before continuing to the scene to winch the injured crew member aboard. In total, a 700 nm round trip over the Indian Ocean was performed.

“On behalf of our teams around the world and especially our Australian SAR crews involved in these life-saving missions, we are incredibly proud and honoured to be recognised by Sikorsky,” says Cory Latiolais COO for APAC at PHI. “PHI is proud to partner with companies like Sikorsky who share our commitment to aviation excellence.”

PHI began SAR operations in December 2017 in Broome, Western Australia, providing 24/7 SAR and aeromedical evacuation services. It has since expanded those operations to Truscott in November 2022 and more recently Exmouth. To date, its SAR team has completed 104 offshore medical evacuations and 59 government and community support missions, most recently responding to the state of emergency declared by the Western Australian government in response to the historic flooding event in the Kimberley region.

A leader in safety and reliability, the S-92 continues to play a role in PHI operations across the globe. Currently, the company operates a fleet of 34 S-92s in all three of its operating regions: Americas; APAC; and EMEA.

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