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Green Charter 2022
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Sikorsky S-92 makes 1,500 mile flight on SAF
Sikorsky, GE Aviation and Milestone Aviation have achieved a SAF flight of 1,500 miles in an S-92 helicopter. This is the first SAF-powered flight for Milestone Aviation.
The S-92 aircraft, operated by Milestone Aviation, fuels up on biofuel.
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A Sikorsky S-92 helicopter arrived at HAI Heli-Expo 2022 in Dallas, Texas using a blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The helicopter, operated by helicopter leasing and financing company Milestone Aviation, utilised a combination of biofuel and traditional jet fuel for the 1,500 mile cross country flight.

“As a corporation, we are committed to sustainability, and I am proud that our S-92 helicopter is playing a role in a more sustainable future,” says Sikorsky vice president of global commercial and military systems Jason Lambert. “The aircraft is known for its unmatched advantages, and the use of biofuel is one more attribute on that list.”

Sikorsky continues to look for opportunities across its fleet to utilise sustainable aviation fuel and take steps to meet environmental challenges.

GE Aviation manufactures the CT7-8A engines that power the S-92 helicopter and is involved in the qualifying and testing of approved SAF blends.

"GE is committed to decarbonisation efforts in the aviation industry,” says vice president and general manager for GE turboshaft engine programmes Harry Nahatis. “The increased adoption of SAF is one pathway toward decarbonisation, and we're proud to not only support our customers at Sikorsky and Milestone Aviation for this SAF flight, but also to be actively involved in assessing and qualifying SAF for widespread use in the industry."

GE has performed extensive testing, including the industry's first commercial biofuel demonstration flight in 2008, and the first 100 per cent SAF commercial airliner flight in 2018. All GE and GE partnership engines in service today, and in the future, can operate with approved SAF.

Milestone Aviation president and CEO Pat Sheedy adds: “We are very pleased to be part of this important initiative with our long-time partners at Sikorsky and GE Aviation, and to support them in meeting their commitment to sustainability. This is the first SAF-powered flight for Milestone Aviation, and we are delighted to collaborate with them to bring this to fruition.”

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