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Hawker 750/800/900

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From British Aerospace Corporate Jets and Beech Aircraft Corp through Raytheon to Hawker Beechcraft, the manufacture of the Hawker 800 derived from the British designed DH-125 that first flew in August 1962. The maiden flight of the 125 800 iteration took place in May 1983.

Hawker 800 variants comprise the 750, 850 and 900 plus their XPs.

The Hawker 800XP was certificated in 1995, with upgraded engines for better climb and cruise performance.

Further improvements in 2005 led to certification of the Hawker 850XP, which debuted at EBACE. It has winglets that have extended its operating range by 100 nm, upgraded avionics and a redesigned interior. The 850XP was certified for operation in March 2006.

The 750 and 900XP variants were announced in October 2006.

The Hawker 750 is a shorter range jet that shares the same fuselage and wings as the 800 series but with a larger cabin and with the ventral fuel tank repurposed for baggage capacity. It made its first flight on 23 August, 2007 and was certified on 19 February, 2008. Deliveries commenced later that year. It is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines, each offering 4,660 pounds of thrust. Cabin volume is 551 cubic ft and a typical configuration features eight passenger and two crew seats.

The Hawker 900XP is powered by Honeywell TFE731050BR engines to boost range again.

Production had ceased by 2012.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   8
  • Range:   2,733 nm (full seats)
  • Cruise speed:   402 - 430 kts
  • Cabin height:   5.75 ft
  • Cabin width:   6 ft
  • Cabin length:   21.33 ft
  • Cabin volume:   647 cu ft
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Hawker 800B 41 1 8 648 cu ft 424 kts 2,580 nm 1983 - 2004
Hawker 800A 149 31 8 648 cu ft 424 kts 2,580 nm 1984 - 1995
Hawker 800XP 385 155 8 648 cu ft 430 kts 2,213 nm 1995 - 2005
Hawker 800XPI 49 24 8 648 cu ft 430 kts 2,213 nm 2005 - 2007
Hawker 850XP 96 35 8 626 cu ft 430 kts 2,428 nm 2006 - 2009
Hawker 900XP 179 66 9 626 cu ft 430 kts 2,449 nm 2007 - 2012
Hawker 750 48 16 9 626 cu ft 402 kts 1,837 nm 2008 - 2012


Supplemental Type Certificates

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18/01/2023 EASA: 10059367. Installation of a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 update to include optional Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) mode 5 warning during Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches, optional Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-8) Out, optional Synthetic Vision System (SVS).
Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 750
STC holder: BHE & Associates
See also: Collins Aerospace - Avionics
12/04/2022 EASA: 10079012. Installation of LAI Windshield Panel A. Rev. 1 corrects the applicability.
Hawker 800XP, Hawker 800B, Hawker 800A, Hawker 1000B, Hawker 1000A, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 750
STC holder: Lee Aerospace


Charter operators
Canada Image Air Charter , NovaJet Aviation Group
Mexico Aero Safin , Aero Sami , Aeroharp SA de CV , Aerolineas Ejecutivas , Performance Air , Personas y Paquetes (dba) AirLink , Rajet Aeroservicios , Redwings , Servicios Aereos Ilsa , Servicios Aereos Platinum
U.S.A. A-OK Jets , AA Sacramento Air Charter , AirCharters Worldwide , Aircraft Services Group , AirMed International , Alerion Aviation , American Jet International , Aviation Services Elite , BellAir , Business Aviators , Business Jet Managers , Catalina Aerospace Corporation , Causey Aviation Service , Cirrus Aviation Services , Clay Lacy Aviation , Coleman Jet , Corporate Aircraft Management , Corporate Flight , Dominion Aviation Services , DuPage Aerospace Corporation , East Coast Jets , Elevate Jet , Elite Air , Empyreal Jet , Execuflight , ExecuJet Charter Service , Executive Air Taxi Corporation , Executive Aviation Corporation , Executive Aviation Services , Executive Jet Management , FlightWorks , Fly A2V , Fly Alliance , Foundation Aviation , Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Management , Gary Jet Center , Griffing Flying Service , Hightail Air Charter , Honaker Aviation , Integrated Flight Resources , International Group , Jet 1 , Jet Access Aviation , Jet Connections , Jet Logistics , Jet The World , Jet-A , Journey Aviation , Justice Air Charter , KLM Aviation , Latitude 33 Aviation , Laurel Highlands Jet Center , Lowcountry Aviation Company , M & N Aviation , MAC Aircraft Charter , Mach One Air Charters , Mayo Aviation , N-Jet , NEAJets , Northern Jet , Paradigm Jet Management , Pentastar Aviation Charter , Plus One Air , Precision Aircraft Management , Premier Private Jets , Presidential Aviation , Privaira , Reliance Jets Corp , Rennia Group , REVA , Ruston Aviation , SC Aviation , Schubach Aviation , Secure Air Charter , Silver Air Private Jets , Sky Quest , Skyways Charter , Solairus Aviation , SpiritJets , Starjet , Stark Airways , Sun Air Jets , Talon Air , Taughannock Aviation , Tavaero Jet Charter , Trinity Private Jet Charter , Volato , Wing Aviation Charter Services , Worldwide Jet Charter
Maintenance centres
Duncan Aviation
Family-owned Duncan Aviation is known for its maintenance expertise, one-shop capabilities and fast turntimes.
Canada Anderson Air , Aurora Jet Partners , Briggs Aero , Chartright Air Group , Execaire , Fast Air , Flying Colours Corp. , New United Goderich , Newton Aviation Services , O.G. Aviation International , Sealand Aviation , Skycharter , Starlink Aviation , Textron Aviation Canada , Toronto Aircraft Maintenance
Mexico Aeroclass , Aerotron Servicios Aereos , Aerovitro , ALE Service Center , ALS Avionics & Lear Service , CSAE Centro de Servicios de Aviacion Ejecutiva , GRC Servicios de Mantenimiento Aéreo, S.A. de C.V. , JAG Air Services , Learcom , Monterrey Jet Center , Oceanstream , Redwings , SAQ MRO , SCAYMA
U.S.A. AeroCheck MRO , Altus Aerospace , Aviation Maintenance Professionals , Avmats , Axcess Aviation Maintenance , Baker Aviation , Banyan Air Service , Boca Aircraft Maintenance , Broadie's Aircraft & Engine Service , Business Jet Access , C&L Aviation Services , Central Flying Service , Chicago Jet Group , Clay Lacy Aviation , Clemens Aviation , Constant Aviation , Contour Aviation Maintenance , DeltaFox Aviation , Dumont Aviation , Duncan Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Elliott Aviation of Atlanta , Emery Air , Flightcraft , Flying Colours Corp. , G. H. Enterprises , Gary Jet Center , Global Aviation Maintenance , Griffin Avionics , Haggan Aviation , Hawkeye Aviation , Jet Aviation Burbank , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , JetWorx , Keystone MRO (AZ) , Logos Aviation , Metrea Aviation Services , Metrea Aviation Services , Mid-Continent Aviation Services , Monarch Air , Mountain Aviation , Napa Jet Center , National Jets , New World Aviation , Plane Place Aviation , Premier Aviation Services , Presidential Aviation , RAI Jets Service Center , RBR Maintenance , Ross Aviation Flight Maintenance , SAI Flight Support , SC Aviation , Signature TechnicAir (FDK) , Signature TechnicAir (GRR) , Signature TechnicAir (GSO) , Signature TechnicAir (MSP) , Signature TechnicAir (OMA) , Signature TechnicAir (STP) , Sky Aircraft Maintenance , SoCal Jet Services , SoCal Jets , Special Services Corporation , Spirit Aeronautics , StandardAero (AGS) , Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems , Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems (GYH) , Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems (MQY) , Straight Flight , Sun Air Jets , Sunrise Jets , Textron Aviation (Greensboro) , Textron Aviation (Houston) , Textron Aviation (Indianapolis) , Textron Aviation (Mesa) , Textron Aviation (Milwaukee) , Textron Aviation (New York) , Textron Aviation (Orlando) , Textron Aviation (Sacramento) , Textron Aviation (San Antonio) , Textron Aviation (Tampa) , Textron Aviation (Wichita) , Textron Aviation Satellite Service Center - Dallas , Thornton Aviation , TMx Aero , TOGS Aircraft , Toledo Jet Center , Toledo Jet Center , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , Western Aircraft , Wing Aviation Maintenance , Winner Aviation Corporation
Completions centres
Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation is a maintenance and repair organization supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators worldwide. Services include airframe and engine inspections, major retrofits for cabin and cockpit systems, full paint and completions, and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Duncan Aviation also has aircraft components solutions experts available 24/7/365 to handle any aircraft system problem with immediate exchanges, rotables, loaners or avionics/instrument/accessory/propeller repairs and overhauls. Complete service facilities are located in Nebraska, Michigan and Provo.

U.S.A. C&L Aviation Services , Capital Aviation , Duncan Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Flex Aero Painting and Interior , Flightstar Corporation , MJ Aircraft , Pro Aircraft Interiors , Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions , StandardAero (SPI) , Western Aircraft
Type rating training providers
U.S.A. CAE Dallas , CAE New Jersey Morristown , FlightSafety Wichita East Learning Center , FlightSafety Wilmington Learning Center
News from Business Air News
C&L Aerospace opens Wichita warehouse
February 27, 2024
C&L is to store its aircraft parts inventory and avionics in a new location in Kansas; critical rotables and components needed on a short-term notice.
Latitude 33 enhances safety and capacity ahead of winter
November 14, 2023
Having renewed its ARGUS Platinum rating, Latitude 33 Aviation looks forward to a winter season filled with a flurry of flight for its broad client base and has geared its fleet up accordingly.
Duncan extends Honeywell product support
October 6, 2023
Duncan Aviation has expanded its support to Honeywell NZ-2000 and IC-800 navigation and avionics computers.
October 4, 2023Alerion further expands diverse jet fleet
August 25, 2023STC brings Hawker Avance L3 upgrade capability to Duncan
July 7, 2023Alto hits the high notes with Hawker upgrades
June 16, 2023Hawker 800XP sports a dramatic Duncan modification
May 12, 2023Hawker 800 series gain Insight upgrade via SEA STC
March 12, 2023C&L gains repair centre status from Héroux-Devtek
February 27, 2023Luxaviation heads to Avalon with a spring in its step
January 16, 2023SEA offers GI 275 as cost-effective Part 25 ESI replacement
October 21, 2022Collins gains STC to modernise Hawker 800 cockpit comms
October 18, 2022Southeast upgrade for Hawker 800 incorporates SkyTrac D150
May 5, 2022Duncan Aviation expands API blended winglet authorisation
April 1, 2022DAC receives STC for TS-60 emergency power supply
January 12, 2022Sun Air shines light on fleet additions
October 22, 2021Duncan develops flight data recorder STC for Hawkers
October 13, 2021Southeast develops InSight STC for Hawker 800 series
October 8, 2021UA provides InSight for the past year
September 13, 2021Trio develops FAA compliant ICAO recorder
August 26, 2021Static display lineup unveiled for ACE 2021
August 26, 2021TMx approved to work on Falcon 50 and Hawker 800
May 31, 2021Journey marches on into midsize with Hawker 800XP
March 29, 2021Titan experiences a return to form in the final quarter
February 14, 2021Shannon to provide EMEA base for REVA ops
January 28, 2021API turns to Volare to install Blended Winglets
January 23, 2021Encouraging signs for UA as it installs InSight remotely
January 15, 2021Redimec kits out Global Oils Hawker with UA InSight
December 7, 2020UA having a field day with InSight display systems
November 8, 2020West Star installs Bongiovi audio in Hawker 900XP
October 6, 2020C&L signs with Thomas Global for CRT display
May 22, 2020Hawker 800XP boosts AirMed's Alabama fleet
May 17, 2020EAP defers minimum hour requirement to help operators
March 12, 2020Hawker pair join the fleet at Premier
February 8, 2020Hawker 800XP joins the Presidential fleet
January 3, 2020Duncan reveals 2019's most popular STCs
November 10, 2019Eight more jets join Gama's US managed fleet
September 8, 2019Voluxis brings Farnborough-based 900XP onboard
August 18, 2019West Star extends Hawker offering with two STCs
April 9, 2019Elliott STC brings WAAS/LPV to Canadian Hawkers
February 26, 2019Purdue pioneers on-the-ground university flight training
January 21, 2019Duncan Aviation earns approvals for its Cessna and Hawker ADS-B STCs
November 3, 2018JetReady adds eight-passenger Hawker 800XP
October 27, 2018Summer survey reveals Mediterranean hotspots
May 3, 2018SaxonAir adds third 900XP and fourth base around London
March 29, 2018Flyinggroup relocates Hawker for Middle East
September 29, 2017Interflight reintroduces 'hardworking' Hawker 800B after refurb
September 1, 2016Management specialist KlasJet adds another midsize
July 27, 2016Europ Star grows charter roster in partnership with AliParma
July 23, 2015Hawker 750 joins SaxonAir ranks in TWIY collaboration
June 17, 2015Sovereign adds highly-regarded Hawker
April 1, 2015Grafair enlists help of FL Technics Jets for Hawker base maintenance
March 11, 2015ExecuJet bases first jet in Luanda
March 11, 2015Midsize Hawker 800XP provides transcontinental comfort for Elit'Avia
February 12, 2015Fast growing Elit'Avia spans three continents
November 6, 2014Titan heralds a decade in business in UAE with three more managed jets
June 9, 2014SaxonAir doubles 900XP availability to regulars
June 9, 2014JoinJet recruits a second Hawker 800XP for medevac
March 11, 2013Me & my aircraft – Midsize jets: Long-legged Latitude and Legacy 500 will breathe life into the midsize sector
November 13, 2012JoinJet tops up its order with three more Hawkers
July 9, 2012Months of effort pay off as Oryx Jet eliminates paper from Hawker cockpit
June 11, 2012Controlled growth sees Concierge spread wings to Biggin
February 10, 2012SaxonAir enters mid-size market with 900XP
December 12, 2011Hawker upgrade allows JoinJet to link Russia to southern Europe
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