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Trio develops FAA compliant ICAO recorder
Any Part 25 charter aircraft from the USA that operates in Mexican airspace must have recorder equipment installed. The developed AML STC offers an economical means of complying with the new AFAC and ICAO requirements.

Curtiss-Wright Defence Solutions, in partnership with SoCal Jets and Peregrine Avionics, has developed a compliant solution to meet the requirements for recorders outlined in NOM-022-SCT3 2011 in accordance with CP AV-022 dated April 15, 2019. The Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate (AML STC) #ST01070DE has been awarded to Peregrine and is now available for installation. The Federal Civil Aviation of Mexico (AFAC) approval of this FAA AML STC is in process.

The AML STC for the Curtiss-Wright Fortress Flight Data Recorder (with Cockpit Voice Recorder), Class C Cockpit Image Recorder, and Dukane Seacom Underwater Locating Device Installation covers the Learjet 30 series, Learjet 45, Hawker 800 and 1000 series and Citation X aircraft and incorporates the use of a Class C airborne image recorder camera and a cockpit voice recorder. This camera records images of the cockpit instrument panel, significantly reducing installation costs and downtime.

Any Part 25 charter aircraft (USA) that operates in Mexican airspace or is Mexican registered over 5,500kg must have this equipment installed to meet AFAC requirements. The Mexico requirement is based on ICAO Annex 6 documentation. All equipment is ED-112A certified and includes an EASA (E) approved 25-hour cockpit voice recorder and (E)TSO-176a two hour airborne image recorder.

“Under certain regulatory bodies, Class C recorders are allowed as a means for recording flight data where it is not practical or is prohibitively expensive to record on an FDR or where an FDR is not required. This AML STC offers an economical means of complying with the new AFAC and ICAO requirements,” states David Rankin, president, Peregrine.

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