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Premier Private Jets introduces a value-driven fractional programme
The company says this is an exceptionally efficient programme for individuals and medium size companies with regular commutes or a need to visit multiple locations on a regular basis.
Founder and CEO Josh Birmingham.

Florida-based Premier Private Jets has added a fractional ownership programme it considers the best value in the industry.

"Our objective is to put private aviation within reach for companies and individuals that might not have considered this possible," says founder and CEO Josh Birmingham. "We started with economical charter and jet cards and now have a compelling fractional product."

The programme offers shares in the company's fully owned fleet of Hawker 800 series midsize aircraft that are maintained in-house and are fully up to date with wi-fi and high-speed connectivity in the cabin.

"The Hawkers have long been prized for their cabin comfort, durability, reliability and coast-to-coast range," he continues. "By standardising on the Hawker, we deliver a uniform product and the efficiency of supporting and training for one fractional model.

"These are not brand-new aircraft, by intention. Shares are roughly half the cost of comparable new aircraft and experience less depreciation over a three year contract period. They offer a more flexible ownership option than traditional five year fractional lock-up periods. That adds up to substantial savings while giving passengers all the capability of a new aircraft."

By maintaining the aircraft at its three Part 145 repair stations, Premier Private Jets ensures maintenance to its own high standards, at lower cost with priority booking and consequently high availability and lower cost to users.

PremierShares also uses a day-based rather than hourly model. A 1/16th share allows for 20 days of use versus 50 hours. A 1/8th share provides 40 days versus 100 hours. For the right kind of user, substantial savings are possible. Companies that wish to fly multiple legs during a 14 hour duty day can accomplish more while paying less.

For example, a company that simply made a four hour roundtrip over 20 days of use would fly 80 hours for its 1/16th share versus 50 hours. Companies that plan multi-leg days can achieve even higher utilisation.

Moreover, the aircraft and crew may stay at the passenger location and can fly the next leg ahead of schedule, or later than planned, according to the passenger's wishes.

PremierShares' normal operating area is in the eastern US but can extend farther west or internationally, with additional charges.

"This is an exceptionally efficient programme for individuals and medium size companies with regular commutes or a need to visit multiple locations on a regular basis," says Birmingham. "We'll work with them to structure an ideal programme consisting of either charter or fractional products, or some combination of the two."

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