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UA having a field day with InSight display systems
Designed as an integrated flight deck solution for retrofit and forward fit aircraft, InSight features UA's second generation of embedded 3D Synthetic Vision System, advanced mapping capabilities and electronic charts.

Universal Avionics (UA) has announced five new InSight display system aircraft solutions. In addition to the company's established Citation VII InSight, recent developments with the Falcon 900B, Falcon 50, Hawker 800XP, Gulfstream G-III and MD 902 Explorer are reflective of the system's growing market acceptance.

CEO Dror Yahav says: “The adoption of the InSight integrated flight deck solution by many high-end business jet operators is a recognition of its quality and advanced features. InSight provides advanced capabilities and is a growth path to seamless integration with our most innovative products, such as the ClearVision enhanced flight vision system and future connectivity capabilities.”

Designed as an integrated flight deck solution for both retrofit and forward fit aircraft, InSight features UA's second generation of embedded 3D Synthetic Vision System, advanced mapping capabilities and electronic charts. Top system benefits include enhanced situational awareness, increased reliability and intuitive control and input for enhanced crew interactivity. In complement to UA's flight management system and data communication solutions, the proven InSight display system positions aircraft for today's nextgen and SESAR operating environments, providing capabilities for ATN B1, ADS-B Out, CPDLC/ CPDLC DCL, data communications, FANS 1/A+, SBAS / LPV and a growth path to EFVS.

The InSight integrated flight deck solution for the Falcon 900B includes two options; one supporting the UA FMS and a second OEM-backed retrofit solution from Dassault Falcon Jet that seamlessly integrates with Honeywell's NZ-2000 FMS Version 6.1 or later releases.

As for the Citation VII, recent updates open the gate for all Citation VII aircraft to install InSight, whether equipped with existing Honeywell or Collins nav/comm packages.

UA is currently pursuing additional aircraft platform solutions for its InSight Display System.

In other news, UA has announced the successful first flight of its Gulfstream G-III aircraft, featuring the latest in interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies for enhanced head-up/head-down coordination. This milestone marks the transition of UA products demonstrated at trade shows such as NBAA-BACE to an aircraft operational environment, with the G-III becoming an invaluable demonstration resource for business aviation and airline operators.

UA technologies being on-boarded on the G-III include: InSight integrated flight deck solution complemented with the latest flight management system technology; ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System with EVS-5000 Enhanced Vision System camera and SkyLens Head-Wearable Display; and Interactive Synthetic Vision System. These latest avionics solutions from UA will be progressively supplemental type certified on the aircraft, with InSight and ClearVision as the first two out of the gate. UA anticipates FAA issuance of the complete G-III STC package by the second quarter of 2021.

“Universal Avionics continues to lead the market with remarkable head-up and EFVS technologies,” says Yahav. “Now, we are transitioning those technologies to increase interactivity with the 'Fly by Sight' technology. Our company airplane serves as a way to evaluate the technology, certify it and demonstrate it to our customers.”

The G-III aircraft with its complete next generation cockpit solution will be used as a flight demonstration asset to enable UA to reach its customers in an immersive environment. Alongside UA's 'on the go' mobile demonstration unit, which hit the road in July 2020, the G-III demonstrations support the company's innovative approach to reaching end users in today's environment of cancelled trade shows and physical distancing.

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