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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022

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Business aviation in New Mexico

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The P2012 will be used for passenger service from Las Cruces International airport.

Bellator to bring Tecnam P2012 Traveller on fleet

Flight training school turns charter operator as Bellator adds a P2012 to its fleet of aircraft. It will service passenger flights from Las Cruces International airport to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Dallas and Phoenix.

April 30, 2022   Full report

Cutter's Albuquerque, Deer Valley and Sky Harbor FBOs have joined the Fly Alliance Preferred network.

Cutter named Alliance Preferred FBO by Fly Louie

Three Cutter locations at Albuquerque, Deer Valley and Sky Harbor have been added to the Fly Alliance Preferred FBO network, ensuring that its FBOs will continue to be preferred by Fly Louie Alliance members.

April 17, 2022   Full report

CSI says sky is the limit as it is inducted to ACSF

As a benefit of its ACSF membership, CSI Aviation has opted to participate in the ACSF's third-party managed Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). That programme will enable CSI's aviation staff to report safety info.

November 24, 2021   Full report

CSI says its experience has allowed it to excel throughout the pandemic.

King Airs and 1900s are doing the business for CSI

CSI Aviation has renewed and won multiple government service contracts this year that require proven experience in aviation management and the use of an organic fleet of fixed wing aircraft such as Beech 1900s.

October 23, 2021   Full report

After gaining approval from the FAA and the AFAC, Duncan will seek approval for its STC from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency.

Duncan develops flight data recorder STC for Hawkers

The new flight data recorder STC is for Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21-equipped Hawker models 750, 800XP, 850XP and 900XP. It will meet the mandates of aviation authorities worldwide.

October 22, 2021   Full report