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Paragon Aviation Group   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
SpectrumFX joins Paragon Strategic Partners programme
December 6, 2022
SpectrumFX developed the LIFE Kit to assist flight crews in suppressing reactive metal fires. As a member of Paragon's programme it can market its product to a network of Preferred customers.
ExecuJet St Gallen-Altenrhein FBO joins Paragon Network
November 10, 2022
St Gallen-Altenrhein is one hour by road from Zurich and well situated for economically important regions such as Bregenz, Vaduz and St Gallen. It is a World Economic Forum (WEF) partner airport.
Immaculate Flight joins Paragon's Strategic Partners
August 2, 2022
Immaculate Flight says detailing is an art form that takes repetition to become exceptional. Long serving staff understand OEM maintenance requirements and clients see the same skilled individuals working on their aircraft.
July 7, 2022Paragon hosts first Leadership and Success meeting
June 14, 2022Paragon renews snack provider's vendor partnership
May 15, 2022Paragon partner programme welcomes training vendor
April 30, 2022Paragon Network welcomes ExecuJet Auckland
April 17, 2022Polaris welcomes sales hires and is made Paragon Diamond Partner
April 7, 2022FBO network makes Paragon of ELT
December 16, 2021Paragon shines light on distinguished members
October 1, 2021Paragon adds five members to advisory board
September 2, 2021Paragon adds Stuart Jet Center to its roster of FBOs
July 11, 2021Dassault at Geneva is welcomed to the Paragon fold
July 4, 2021Paragon recognises Magnum's customer service
June 21, 2021Paragon app enables expansive network search
June 2, 2021Safeair welcomed into the Paragon partner fold
May 10, 2021Clay Lacy Orange County becomes part of Paragon
April 25, 2021Polaris Aero becomes a Paragon Strategic Partner
March 1, 2021Paragon re-emphasises its safety first pledge
December 7, 2020Paragon recognises Go Rentals with partner award
November 22, 2020Paragon expands to more key regions thanks to Sky Valet
November 9, 2020Paragon reveals member and manager awards
November 9, 2020Two more Odyssey FBOs in Bahamas join Paragon network
June 30, 2020Paragon brings Le Bourget terminal under its wing
March 10, 2020Ross Aviation takes more location into Paragon
March 9, 2020Paragon launches safety programme with FBO Partners
March 3, 2020Castle & Cooke joins the Paragon Network
January 7, 2020Maven by Midfield joins the Paragon network
July 23, 2019Copeca Jet Center joins Paragon's network
April 2, 2019Paragon does the Charleston with Lowcountry addition
February 2, 2019Ohio State University airport joins Paragon Network
November 3, 2018Paragon Aviation Group makes 2018 member awards
November 9, 2016Jet Assist FBO becomes first Paragon member in Europe
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