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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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EBIS joins Paragon vendor programme
EBIS aircraft maintenance management and ground support equipment asset management software can now be found through Strategic Partners, Paragon's competitive pricing vendor programme.

Paragon Aviation Group, the international network of audited FBOs and handling agents, has seen EBIS join Strategic Partners, its exclusive vendor programme that offers a variety of aviation-related services and products to its Paragon Preferred customers.

Founded in 1999, EBIS is a comprehensive suite of software designed to improve and optimise aircraft maintenance management and ground support equipment asset management. Featuring a user-friendly interface, a customisable platform and utilising cloud-based infrastructure, EBIS Software empowers aviation maintenance teams by automating maintenance processes, reducing manual errors, streamlining workflows and improving overall operational efficiency.

Throughout its history, EBIS has demonstrated its value in the aviation industry by addressing the unique challenges of aviation maintenance for FBOs and their partner repair facilities. EBIS Software is purposefully designed for scalability and supported by an ecosystem strategy that allows for seamless integration with other aviation solutions. With the support of industry leaders like Tronair, a leading manufacturer of GSE equipment, and the adoption of cloud-based technology, EBIS has grown into a trusted and widely adopted solution, empowering aviation maintenance shops to efficiently manage their operations, give their customers a better experience and ensure regulatory compliance.

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