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C&L boosts Saab inventory

The Saab 340B inventory consists of over 4,500 rotable and consumable parts that are housed in C&L's Maine facility and that will be distributed to global warehouses as needed.

April 15, 2024   Full report

Kristina Snow will lead sales and marketing for C&L.

C&L inks Embraer inventory deal with AVIAN

C&L will embed staff at AVIAN's facility located in Orlando, Florida, where the inventory is located. From there, parts will be packaged and shipped to operators all over the globe. Meanwhile Kristina Snow joins the team.

April 7, 2024   Full report

Inventory from Sovereign and XLS aircraft will be added to C&L's parts inventory.

C&L Aerospace purchases four Citations for teardown

C&L is launching a tip-to-tail parts programme for Sovereign and XLS operators, given the scarcity of these particular aircraft parts in the market.

March 14, 2024   Full report

The warehouse is located so as to allow better support for customers in the US Midwest and West Coast.

C&L Aerospace opens Wichita warehouse

C&L is to store its aircraft parts inventory and avionics in a new location in Kansas; critical rotables and components needed on a short-term notice.

February 27, 2024   Full report

The Falcon 900 will take Portland clients from A to B in some style and comfort.

Seventh Falcon puts Portland at top of US type specialists

Portland Jets is now positioned as the largest specialised operator of Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft in the US.

January 12, 2024   Full report