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News from Business Air News
OEMs fly on SAF as Avfuel builds availability and emissions management
October 18, 2023
The Avfuel Zero programme enables operators to effectively manage and reduce their carbon emissions. The company also supplied Neste MY SAF to Textron and Embraer when they flew in to Las Vegas for NBAA-BACE.
Gulfstream to lead sustainability talks at IBGAA conference
October 16, 2023
The conference will navigate a path to sustainability amid calls for operators and owners to more visibly demonstrate measurable improvements. It will also address positioning Ireland to capitalise on growth.
Business aviation must blaze trail to increase SAF production
July 8, 2023
The industry must lead by example to rapidly scale up voluntary demand for SAF say Victor and Neste, whose aim is that their joint 'pay here, use there' model helps drives volume in production.
June 12, 2023Neste puts SAF into Swedish refuelling
May 28, 2023Daher transitions to SAF for operations at Tarbes
May 25, 2023World Fuel Services sides with Neste for SAF
May 23, 2023Avfuel makes fresh hires and delivers SAF to EBACE
May 13, 2023World Fuel converts diesel-powered refuellers to electric
March 31, 2023SAF takes precedence for Little Rock's Falcons
March 2, 2023Microflite collaboration fuels first Aussie SAF flight
February 23, 2023Bell 505 makes first flight without petroleum-based fuel
February 16, 2023Boeing doubles SAF purchase for 2023
November 24, 2022SAF access increases across Colorado
October 25, 2022Signature expands SAF supply to all its California locations
October 17, 2022Avfuel and Sheltair cover SAF bases for NBAA-BACE
September 29, 2022First south east Asia SAF-fuelled helicopter takes off from Seletar
September 23, 2022Atlantic and Avfuel serve UN with SAF
August 24, 2022SAF at Hillsboro Aviation makes Oregon greener
July 21, 2022Neste and Avfuel accelerate industry net-zero goals
June 29, 2022World Fuel expands customer access to SAF
June 29, 2022Victor makes Neste My SAF a bookable expense
May 30, 2022Scandi ACH130s are first to fly with SAF
May 25, 2022Shell sends SAF supply to Jet Aviation Singapore
May 5, 2022Monterey gains full-on SAF supply from Avfuel
February 8, 2022Avfuel network helps operators fly green for the Big Game
February 8, 2022Safran deploys SAF to UK facility
January 18, 2022Ross Aviation offers SAF at Palm Springs
January 12, 2022Avfuel now supplying SAF through ACI Jet
January 10, 2022ExxonMobil and Neste to supply SAF in France
December 9, 2021Jet Aviation secures global SAF access
November 18, 2021Bell continues Relentless pursuit of SAF-fuelled flight
November 15, 2021Dallas Fort Worth lays down sustainability foundation
October 13, 2021Jetex extends Le Bourget SAF offer to Helsinki
August 20, 2021Sheltair Melbourne to distribute Avfuel/Embraer SAF
August 9, 2021Flexjet leads the way by using SAF at Monterey
July 14, 2021Farnborough supports decarbonisation through SAF supply
July 11, 2021A million reasons to offer SAF at Burbank
July 4, 2021Amazon first to fly on SAF from Cologne Bonn
June 21, 2021Signature Flight Support flies the flag for SAF in the US
June 10, 2021Jetflite ready to fly sustainable legs from Finland
May 29, 2021Avfuel and Textron ink deal for sustainable fuel
May 10, 2021Truckee Tahoe makes SAF available to visiting aircraft
April 19, 2021Telluride pioneers Avfuel SAF in Colorado
April 4, 2021Monterey leads the way with a truckload of SAF
March 13, 2021Avfuel couriers SAF to Koury on Eastern seaboard
January 15, 2021Neste and Avfuel ensure US SAF availability is set to rise
December 7, 2020NetJets first to fuel up with SAF in San Francisco
September 26, 2020Neste and Shell collaborate to increase SAF availability
September 26, 2020Air BP delivers tonnes of SAF to Stockholm's Swedavia
September 15, 2020NetJets inks sustainability deal with Signature and Neste
August 24, 2020Neste and Air BP lead SAF evolution
July 2, 2019Victor launches climate action strategy
June 11, 2019Air BP and Neste welcome commitment by Swedavia
May 20, 2019SAJF initiative supported at Stockholm and Caen
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