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Victor makes Neste My SAF a bookable expense
Victor members can take control of their climate impact with a SAF solution developed by SBTi. The company is confident that with a clear benefit and easy order process, members will purchase SAF despite the high cost.
Neste vice president, renewable aviation Jonathan Wood.

Fly Victor has partnered with SAF producer Neste to allow Victor members to purchase Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel for every private jet booking, globally, enabling them to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions for their flight by up to 80 per cent compared to fossil jet fuel.

Victor's private and corporate members can reduce the carbon emissions of their air travel, meet the climate targets they have set and credibly report on their CO₂e emission reductions. Corporates signed up for Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi) who are committed to reducing their scope 3 emissions, and specifically emissions from their jet charter flights, can currently do this only by booking private jet charter flights with Victor.

This partnership, aligned with SBTi, enables private jet charterers to meaningfully contribute towards Net Zero 2050, by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable aviation fuel for every booking. As aviation sets its sights on increasing the share of SAF to 10 per cent of all jet fuel use by 2030, the partnership model enables accelerated action towards this target. Given how fragmented the business aviation sector is, this 'pay here, use there' solution offers SAF for every charter flight regardless of operator or departure airport. This is crucial as it enables SAF demand to increase, and Victor's global base of members are offered a great opportunity to help increase the overall demand so that this sustainable solution can develop more rapidly.

Co-CEO Toby Edwards says: “I am relieved to be announcing our global partnership with Neste. The urgent and rapid scaling-up of SAF is essential if we are to achieve our Net Zero goals. It's fundamental to all our stakeholders that we continue to be transparent about the emissions of our members' private flights and, where possible, take ownership of the climate crisis. I'm thankful for the enterprise and dedication that has been put in by both the Neste and Victor teams. Our pioneering partnership could create a SAF blueprint for the fragmented business aviation sector and help accelerate its wider usage across the aviation industry.”

Neste vice president, renewable aviation Jonathan Wood adds: “Neste is committed to supporting aviation's emission reduction goals and believes that requires a joint effort where everyone's choice matters.”

Victor members can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions with a clear chain of custody. Neste ensures specific SAF volumes purchased are delivered to partner aircraft operators, providing real in-sector climate benefits. Victor members will not charter using the Neste MY SAF they have purchased for their own flight, however their SAF contribution will ensure another in-sector partner flight benefits from a carbon emission reduction by the amount purchased, ensuring this partnership is aligned with Science Based Targets.

At checkout during the booking process, all Victor members can choose how much fossil fuel they want to replace with Neste MY SAF, from as little as five per cent up to 100 per cent. The booking receipt will itemise exactly how much is purchased.

To avoid any confusion in case of changes, for instance, to the exact aircraft booked, the flight itinerary or a cancellation, Neste will only deliver the SAF purchased by the member to their partner airline after the member's private flight has fully flown. Neste will then send a delivery confirmation document with confirmation of the carbon dioxide emission reduction, which can be used for science-based reporting.

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