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ExxonMobil and Neste to supply SAF in France
French customers need solutions to help them meet the government's mandate on one per cent SAF. ExxonMobil and Neste will roll out the alternative fuel at the country's largest airports.

Aviation fuel supplier ExxonMobil and SAF producer Neste are planning for commercial-scale distribution of Neste MY SAF at the largest airports in France following the one per cent SAF mandate introduced by the French government, effective from the beginning of this year.

The agreement combines ExxonMobil's expertise in the supply and distribution of jet fuel with Neste's SAF production capabilities to provide a continuous and scalable supply of SAF into France.

Neste MY SAF is produced from sustainably-sourced, 100 per cent renewable waste and residue raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste. When used at 100 per cent concentration, it results in up to 80 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions when all the emissions over the fuel's life cycle are compared to fossil jet fuel use. In this collaboration, the SAF is a 30 per cent blend with conventional fossil-based jet fuel.

Charles Amyot, lead country manager for ExxonMobil in France, says: “We are delivering solutions that enable customers to meet product performance requirements while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have the capabilities and infrastructure to safely and reliably supply this energy and will be ready to comply with new French regulations for sustainable aviation fuel.”

Neste vice president Europe, renewable aviation Jonathan Wood adds: “Neste is committed to helping the aviation industry with its emission reduction targets. Our Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a drop-in solution that is readily available now. This supply agreement is an important milestone for Neste, and we are excited to support ExxonMobil in helping its customers reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation sector in France.”

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