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Jet Aviation secures global SAF access
Jet Aviation is easing access to SAF supply around the world. Customers can Book and Claim anywhere through SkyNRG, and it has also secured a permanent supply of Neste MY SAF at its Amsterdam FBO.
Jet Aviation has purchased a stock supply of Neste MY SAF for uplift at its FBO in Amsterdam.
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Jet Aviation has entered into an agreement with SkyNRG to offer SAF to its customers through a Book and Claim service.

Book and Claim enables business aviation owners and operators, for whom SAF is not physically available for uplift, to access SAF at will and thereby reduce their carbon footprint. SkyNRG supplies the SAF at an airport nearby the production location where it is sold as conventional jet fuel. The volume of SAF is tracked and verified, and the corresponding carbon emissions factors are then calculated and allocated to the end customer. This ensures environmental benefits are properly accounted for, including the avoidance of unnecessary transportation costs.

“As a global company with global customers, we are committed to contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and are pleased to partner with SkyNRG to make SAF more widely accessible,” says president David Paddock. “We know SAF has strong potential to reduce the industry's environmental impact, and as a business aviation service provider we are pleased to help broaden access to SAF by offering more choices through our new Book and Claim service. Global access to SAF through Book and Claim brings us one big step further in ensuring everyone can choose to be part of the climate solution anywhere, anytime.”

“Our goal is to make SAF the new global standard,” adds SkyNRG managing director Theye Veen. “By decoupling the physical flow from the carbon reduction benefits, we optimise supply chains, minimise cost and maximise environmental benefits through a controlled and verifiable process. We are delighted to partner with Jet Aviation and all its stakeholders as we work together to build a better world. Book and Claim is essential to help scale up SAF globally.”

Jet Aviation has also made a permanent supply of Neste MY SAF available on-site at its FBO at Amsterdam airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. An agreement between the two companies secures a stock supply for uplift, effective now. Neste MY SAF is Jet A-1 certified and has the same operational qualities as traditional fossil fuel. It requires no aircraft modifications or further approvals.

“As a clean, fully approved alternative to standard fossil-based jet fuel, we are delighted to secure a permanent supply of SAF at our first European FBO to help business aviation owners and operators contribute to sustainable aviation,” says VP regional FBO operations Europe and general manager, Zurich Joao Martins. “Amsterdam is a key European hub serving the global business aviation world. We are proud to make SAF available at our facility in Amsterdam to help everyone play a part in the climate solution.”

In collaboration with Neste and Zurich airport, Jet Aviation imported a limited supply of SAF for the World Economic Forum 2020, using the event as a pilot project for customer receptivity. It was the first time SAF had been made available for purchase in Switzerland.

Neste vice president for renewable aviation in Europe Jonathan Wood says: "We are delighted to once again partner with Jet Aviation to help the business aviation sector meet its carbon reduction goals. Through partnerships such as these, we will together drive increased use of SAF and help build momentum in tackling aviation's emission reduction challenge.”

The company also offers a SAF blend on an ongoing basis at its FBO in Van Nuys, California.

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