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World Fuel converts diesel-powered refuellers to electric
Not only are the latest SAF trucks at Toulon Hyères airport electric, but they are recycled former diesel-powered refuellers.
World Fuel has converted diesel-powered SAF refueling trucks into all-electric refuellers at Toulon Hyères.

Airport operator Vinci Airports has deployed World Fuel's all-electric refuelling trucks converted from existing diesel-powered refuellers, an innovative reuse concept. These redesigned all-electric vehicles are now distributing Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), made available for the first time to business and commercial operators, at Toulon Hyeres airport in France.

"World Fuel's mission is to enable customers and partners in the aviation sector to adopt sustainable practices and decarbonise their operations. We commend Toulon Hyeres airport for its leadership by setting a great example for others to follow," says WFS vice president, supply aviation Europe Duncan Storey. "Our shared vision of a sustainable future has propelled us to expand our traditional services beyond renewables such as SAF, solar and electricity into developing sustainable equipment for airport operations through electrifying traditionally carbon-intensive refuelling vehicles."

In developing the decarbonisation plan for Toulon Hyeres airport, World Fuel sought to lower the carbon intensity of the airport's fuelling operations in a comprehensive and holistic manner. This meant that rather than simply procuring new electric vehicles for the site, the World Fuel team pioneered an innovative concept of reusing diesel-powered refuellers and electrifying them to avoid the waste associated with the disposal of the existing trucks. These fully electric trucks, complete with an electric drive train and integrated pumping capability, serve to effectively eliminate carbon emissions during aircraft refuelling.

Toulon Hyeres will also benefit from easier maintenance due to the all-electric drive train and fast retrofit operation to reduce downtime. Furthering its commitment to decarbonising operations, World Kinect Energy Services, World Fuel's sustainability division, has also installed solar panels on top of Toulon Hyeres' fuelling office.

"The addition of this new SAF offering and electrification of our refuelling operations in collaboration with World Fuel demonstrates Vinci Airports' commitment to decarbonising air transport and sustainable mobility," says airport director Basma Jarbouai. "The availability of biofuels for all our customers at Toulon Hyeres airport is the crossing of an important milestone that will allow them to operate in ever more environmentally friendly conditions."

Since 2015, World Fuel has delivered more than 39 million gallons of SAF to business and commercial aviation customers worldwide. Developing emission-free solutions like the all-electric refuelling truck is just one of many steps World Fuel has taken to support sustainable airport operations and broaden the adoption of cleaner fuels like SAF.

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Signature LAX ensures all fuel is blended SAF
May 15, 2024
Every gallon of fuel now supplied to Signature's guests at its Los Angeles International airport location is blended SAF. To date throughout its network, it has delivered more than 30m gallons of the fuel.
World Fuel gains endorsements from industry bodies
April 8, 2024
World Fuel is now ISCC and RSB accredited in the United States, Singapore and across all locations in Europe where renewable fuel is sold, meaning it can provide customers with the documentation for compliance.
Avfuel and Neste ink extension of SAF supply agreement
March 14, 2024
Avfuel expects to exponentially grow its SAF offtake from Neste, and this agreement secures access to the supply chain over the next three years.