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News from Business Air News
PrismJet receives FAA approval for international charter operations
May 22, 2024
PrismJet joins an elite group of operators that can operate aircraft with 10 or more seats on international charters. It is now awaiting approval for the Pacific region to complete worldwide charter capability.
Phenix Jet Cayman completes the ACSF's IAS
May 7, 2024
Phenix Jet Cayman (Hong Kong) becomes newest Air Charter Safety Foundation member to complete ACSF IAS audit, furthering its commitment to private aviation safety.
Flexjet completes rigorous ACSF IAS audit
May 2, 2024
Novus and Otter extend reach of ASAP
April 22, 2024
Novus Jet Charter and Otter Air Services have joined the ACSF ASAP programme and will contribute to its overarching goal of advancing safety practices across the aviation industry.
April 19, 2024Bhanji joins the ACSF board of governors
April 3, 2024ACSF welcomes Meikle to board
February 26, 2024Three join roster of ACSF's ASAP
February 19, 2024ACSF urges rapid adoption of safety management tools following tragic incidents
February 2, 2024Lone Mountain Jet joins the ranks of ASAP
December 19, 2023Three join ACSF Aviation Safety Action Program
December 11, 2023Father of ASAP to give keynote at 2024 ACSF Safety Symposium
November 26, 2023ACSF adds three to board
October 27, 2023ACSF launches MAP aviation safety coaching programme
October 18, 2023ACSF to provide low-cost FDM with ForeFlight data analysis
October 9, 2023Airshare enrols fleet in ASAP
October 6, 2023Charter business Jet 1 embraces ACSF's ASAP
September 25, 2023LJ Aviation and Sun Air Jets successfully renew ACSF audits
September 21, 2023Malone AirCharter prepares for FAA SMS compliance
September 16, 2023Intermountain Health joins ACSF's Aviation Safety Action Program
August 4, 2023Let's Jett adds its name to the ACSF ASAP roster
July 25, 2023Evans and Ha strengthen the ACSF team
July 1, 2023ACSF appoints CEO and executive director
June 26, 2023ACSF sets date for 2024 safety symposium
June 16, 2023Four operators reregister with ACSF biennial audit
May 28, 2023Aviation Safety Compliance becomes ACSF affiliate member
May 19, 2023Priester and Mayo join ACSF audit register
May 12, 2023Oregon's Mercy Flights joins ACSF ranks
February 13, 2023Sleight promoted to ACSF director of safety
January 23, 2023ACSF addresses passing of safety expert Russ Lawton
January 16, 2023Industry leaders review proposes mandating of SMS for charter
December 18, 2022Flexjet completes its seventh Industry Audit Standard
December 7, 2022Custom Jet Charters joins ASAP
October 18, 2022Small aircraft operators gain ACSF flight data monitoring
October 1, 2022Five HAI members join ASAP
September 23, 2022Million Air Dallas joins the ACSF and its ASAP
July 9, 2022Changes are implemented across the ACSF board
June 6, 2022Principal Aviation joins ACSF
May 21, 2022ACSF leaders honoured with FSF Meritorious Service award
May 5, 2022Avemex becomes first international operator to complete IAS
January 18, 2022CHI Aviation gets with the ASAP program
January 1, 2022Daytona Beach to host ACSF 2022 Safety Symposium
December 16, 2021Sun Air Jets basks in the warm glow of IAS renewal
November 24, 2021CSI says sky is the limit as it is inducted to ACSF
September 2, 2021AAG renews IAS in association with ACSF
August 31, 2021ACSF rolls out ASAP e-learning courses
August 26, 2021Baron honoured with title of ACSF member
August 9, 2021Priester takes action with plethora of safety stamps
August 2, 2021LJ wins praise from ACSF for meeting Part 5 criteria
July 19, 2021Mayo puts on a fine spread for ACSF auditors
June 4, 2021ACSF supports study to analyse pilot landing behaviour
May 14, 2021ACSF hosts well-received workshop for auditors
May 14, 2021ACSF and ASAP sign-ups prove that Jet It gets it
April 25, 2021ACSF supports safety improvements proposed by NTSB
April 19, 2021Northern Jet Management renews ACSF IAS status
April 11, 2021Alante elated to have joined ACSF and ASAP
March 1, 2021ACSF membership continues to rise thanks to Global Wings
February 15, 2021Wing Aviation Group joins ACSF and ASAP
February 8, 2021ACSF offers members a web-based SMS solution
January 19, 2021Fresh personnel through the doors at ACSF
January 18, 2021Wootton and Morris bolster the ACSF board
January 6, 2021Lyon hopes to be a roaring success as part of ACSF
November 15, 2020Atlantic Coast prioritises safety with ACSF sign-up
October 20, 2020ACSF says it can achieve more with guidance of Naor
October 6, 2020Ultimate Jetcharters relishes ACSF ‘feedback loop’
September 21, 2020Life Link III passes the ACSF safety test
September 1, 2020Plus One adds itself to ACSF and ASAP
August 19, 2020Chrysler makes ACSF more than 240-strong
July 27, 2020Tip-top trio to help govern ACSF future
July 8, 2020Rufli is exactly the right man to chair ACSF
July 5, 2020Prime Jet satisfies FAA as it joins ACSF programme
May 1, 2020Schubach and EAC sign up for safety program
April 4, 2020Citadel calls out Wyvern as protocol leader
April 3, 2020ACSF offers fee deferral to members
April 2, 2020Priester comes onboard ACSF board
March 12, 2020First Wing Charter ascends to ACSF ranks
February 29, 2020Pro Airways proceeds with ACSF induction
February 25, 2020Prior becomes latest member of ACSF
February 10, 2020Elite Jets joins ACSF and ASAP programme
January 28, 2020Freespeed Aviation joins ACSF
January 13, 2020Starring role at ACSF for Starkowsky
December 10, 2019Journey commits to aviation safety through renewal
October 21, 2019ACSF founder member Keystone renews IAS
October 15, 2019Pegasus maintains focus on safety through ACSF
October 6, 2019Clay Lacy lays claim to ACSF status
September 29, 2019ACSF reacts to the NTSB's Part 135 Most Wanted list
September 21, 2019UFS aims to identify hazards at remote locations
August 23, 2019Solairus and Southern Sky commit to safety
August 20, 2019Vegas-based operator goes all-in for safety
August 3, 2019Aviation Safety Action Program achieves report milestone
July 22, 2019Rufli is exactly the man for the ACSF vice chair
June 18, 2019Software enables ACSF members to file safety reports
June 11, 2019Carlisle strives to be safest through ASAP sign-up
June 11, 2019L.J. Aviation upholds ACSF's IAS standards
June 1, 2019Michigan operator commits to continuous safety improvement
May 14, 2019Flexjet sets the safety tone with IAS renewal
April 23, 2019Silverhawk swoops to the aid of Nebraska flood victims
April 9, 2019Sixteen staff represent Montana carrier at safety summit
April 8, 2019Executive Fliteways nets IAS for fifth time
April 2, 2019ACSF works with NATA and FAA to implement NTSB list
April 2, 2019Sky Quest brings ACSF membership close to 200
March 26, 2019Privaira joins the Air Charter Safety Foundation ranks
February 26, 2019Mayo Aviation renews IAS registration
February 5, 2019Advanced Air renews ACSF Industry Audit Standard
February 2, 2019Worldwide Jet Charter renews ACSF IAS
February 2, 2019PrivateFlite joins ACSF and will follow up with ASAP
January 28, 2019Aircare International joins the ACSF
January 28, 2019Priester renews status on IAS registry
January 21, 2019Denver operator joins ACSF after demonstrating safety precision
December 28, 2018Summit Aviation joins ACSF
December 11, 2018Sun Air Jets renews its safety audit status
December 4, 2018Club Jet Charter sets the safety bar high
December 3, 2018Executive Jet Management renews IAS
November 19, 2018Sunbird signifies safety by sealing ACSF
November 15, 2018Pentastar builds on ACSF membership with ASAP sign-up
November 3, 2018Safety dedication assured as Venture joins ACSF
October 30, 2018Vaerus promotes high safety standards by joining ACSF
October 9, 2018ACI eases employee concerns with safety action programme
October 9, 2018Titan joins ACSF for passenger and stakeholder reassurance
September 20, 2018ACSF and Wyvern to combine audits
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