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News from Business Air News
AAG renews IAS in association with ACSF
September 2, 2021
The Associated Aircraft Group recognises the critical importance of providing the highest level of aviation safety, and to that end has renewed its all-important status with the Air Charter Safety Foundation.
ACSF rolls out ASAP e-learning courses
August 31, 2021
The Air Charter Safety Foundation has designed online courses to provide users of its aviation safety action program (ASAP) with a greater understanding of its values and processes.
Baron honoured with title of ACSF member
August 26, 2021
Priester takes action with plethora of safety stamps
August 9, 2021
Priester, a founding member of the ACSF, has once again renewed the exhaustive ACSF Industry Audit Standard. It also holds IS-BAO Stage III, ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern recognition, making it almost unrivalled.
August 2, 2021LJ wins praise from ACSF for meeting Part 5 criteria
July 19, 2021Mayo puts on a fine spread for ACSF auditors
June 4, 2021ACSF supports study to analyse pilot landing behaviour
May 14, 2021ACSF hosts well-received workshop for auditors
May 14, 2021ACSF and ASAP sign-ups prove that Jet It gets it
April 25, 2021ACSF supports safety improvements proposed by NTSB
April 19, 2021Northern Jet Management renews ACSF IAS status
April 11, 2021Alante elated to have joined ACSF and ASAP
March 1, 2021ACSF membership continues to rise thanks to Global Wings
February 15, 2021Wing Aviation Group joins ACSF and ASAP
February 8, 2021ACSF offers members a web-based SMS solution
January 19, 2021Fresh personnel through the doors at ACSF
January 18, 2021Wootton and Morris bolster the ACSF board
January 6, 2021Lyon hopes to be a roaring success as part of ACSF
November 15, 2020Atlantic Coast prioritises safety with ACSF sign-up
October 20, 2020ACSF says it can achieve more with guidance of Naor
October 6, 2020Ultimate Jetcharters relishes ACSF ‘feedback loop’
September 21, 2020Life Link III passes the ACSF safety test
September 1, 2020Plus One adds itself to ACSF and ASAP
August 19, 2020Chrysler makes ACSF more than 240-strong
July 27, 2020Tip-top trio to help govern ACSF future
July 8, 2020Rufli is exactly the right man to chair ACSF
July 5, 2020Prime Jet satisfies FAA as it joins ACSF programme
May 1, 2020Schubach and EAC sign up for safety program
April 4, 2020Citadel calls out Wyvern as protocol leader
April 3, 2020ACSF offers fee deferral to members
April 2, 2020Priester comes onboard ACSF board
March 12, 2020First Wing Charter ascends to ACSF ranks
February 29, 2020Pro Airways proceeds with ACSF induction
February 25, 2020Prior becomes latest member of ACSF
February 10, 2020Elite Jets joins ACSF and ASAP programme
January 28, 2020Freespeed Aviation joins ACSF
January 13, 2020Starring role at ACSF for Starkowsky
December 10, 2019Journey commits to aviation safety through renewal
October 21, 2019ACSF founder member Keystone renews IAS
October 15, 2019Pegasus maintains focus on safety through ACSF
October 6, 2019Clay Lacy lays claim to ACSF status
September 29, 2019ACSF reacts to the NTSB's Part 135 Most Wanted list
September 21, 2019UFS aims to identify hazards at remote locations
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