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ACSF launches MAP aviation safety coaching programme
The ACSF's MAP is a tailor-made aviation-safety coaching, mentoring and training programme to help aviation organisations on their 'Pathway to Safety'.

Time, money and resources are all luxuries that aviation safety managers typically lack when it comes to implementing and maintaining a robust safety management system, as well as other programmes, such as flight data monitoring and safety reporting. That's why the Air Charter Safety Foundation launched a brand-new Member Assistance Program (MAP) at NBAA-BACE just recently.

ACSF president Bryan Burns describes the Pathway to Safety model as a non-stop journey, with key milestones along the way toward continuous progress: "An ACSF MAP coach will walk each member through key milestones and include the facilitation of a 'just culture'. Depending on where each organisation is at on their safety path, we'll help them build an effective SMS; report safety events via the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP); participate in a respected aviation safety audit, such as the ACSF's Industry Audit Standard (IAS); and implement an FDM programme.

"At the ACSF we realise that each member's path should and will be unique, due to the size, scope and complexity of its operation. Not everyone is travelling at the same speed. That said, we want our members to strive for constant development and point toward safety as a core value. Yes, we not only want everyone to achieve common safety standards but also to push beyond minimums. It's not an easy task, as most safety leaders are engaged in various other duties, so our MAP coach will evaluate where each member company is at on their Pathway to Safety and create a custom-made programme to keep them moving in the right direction."

An ACSF MAP coach will:

- Meet virtually with ACSF safety leaders to evaluate how far along their organisations are on their Pathway to Safety.

- Customise a Pathway programme plan with deliverables and dates so the team can take action.

- Create the member's Pathway project plan in the ACSF's MAP Tool, and train the team to use the Tool effectively.

- Set up and train members on other ACSF SMS Tools they may elect to use.

- Prepare Part 135 operators for the FAA's upcoming SMS regulation.

- Hold the team accountable to achieve the plan.

- Guide the team on how best to implement the plan.

- Answer safety-related questions as they arise.

- Monitor the team's progress and ensure that they stay on the correct path.

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