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Father of ASAP to give keynote at 2024 ACSF Safety Symposium
Captain K Scott Griffith's keynote will kick off the ACSF Safety Symposium on Tuesday, 2 April, 2024. He will also be available to sign copies of his new book, which will be gifted to attendees Assured Partners.
Father of ASAP, author, pilot and aviation safety trailblazer captain K Scott Griffith.

Author, pilot and aviation safety trailblazer K Scott Griffith will deliver the opening keynote at the 2024 ACSF Safety Symposium, to be held April 1-3, 2024 on the campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Hosted by the Air Charter Safety Foundation, the annual event brings together over 200 aviation leaders and students to gain insights and learn best practices, as well as share lessons learned.

Captain Griffith came to prominence in the field of aviation serving as an international airline captain and chief safety officer at American Airlines. He is widely recognised as the father of the airline industry's landmark Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), a safety partnership that includes the FAA and the certificate holder, and may include any third party administrator, such as the ACSF.

"We're absolutely honoured to have Scott Griffith deliver one of our keynotes at the upcoming symposium," says ACSF president and CEO Bryan Burns. "It's very apropos that he will discuss what led to his founding the ASAP for the airline industry, especially since the ACSF has served as a third-party administrator since 2012, when we made the ASAP programme more widely accessible to on demand charter and business aviation operators. I couldn't imagine an aviation leader more qualified to speak on the safety benefits of the ASAP in that regard."

Griffith's debut book, 'The Leader's Guide to Managing Risk: A Proven Method to Build Resilience and Reliability', is also the title of his keynote address.

During the 75 minute session, attendees will:

- Learn about a 'plane crash that Griffith witnessed in 1985, an event that led him to develop the ASAP, which subsequently contributed to a 95 per cent reduction in the US fatal accident rate in aviation.

- Hear stories and offer proven methods to help leaders build resilience and reliability into their organisations.

- Describe the 'Sequence of Reliability'.

- Learn about the world's first independently audited, high-reliability standard, Collaborative High Reliability and its building block, Collaborative Just Culture.

- Explain the concept of 'Flipping the Iceberg' and how it can improve an operator's safety and reliability.

- Begin to develop an ASAP or improve an existing one.

- Take the initial steps to achieve Collaborative Just Culture programme qualification.

The founder and managing partner of SG Collaborative Solutions, Griffith has earned a reputation for reliability and collaborative skills. Throughout his career he has worked closely with businesses, regulators and labour associations in high-consequence industries worldwide. A recipient of the Flight Safety Foundation's Admiral Luis de Florez Award for his outstanding contribution to aviation safety, he is also a three-time recipient of the FAA's Good Friend Award.

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